Saturday, March 24, 2012

FILTER in Atlantic City! Joe Vex Band and Coast2Coast Radio on St. Patty's Day!

This was my 8th Filter show and as always they rocked the house. No matter the crowd size or venue size, Filter always brings it onstage 100%. This particular concert was at the Backstage Bar of the House of Blues, which is within The Showboat hotel and casino. It was my first time to Atlantic City and I'm not much of a gambler, so I just came for the music. Here are some pics and vids I got. Look, listen, love! 
The mohawk! This might be my favorite Richard Patrick hairstyle haha.
Sorry the camera drops at one point, he was giving me a hug haha. 

Jonny and Richie


Only decent shot I got of Mika. It was his last show with Filter.  :(

Action shot! hehe
This is one of my faves and I really felt the emotion in this performance too.

My favorite! *heart*

He took my camera this time hehe and right before that Phil was throwing his pic up and trying to catch it with the lyric, "like a pin drop," but he kept missing and we both started laughing.

Richie's legs! haha

Phil catching the mic stand with his foot haha. It is unsure right now if Phil will be staying with  Filter or not...

And some other Filter goodies:

Filter NYC by AVaguener Awesome vid of "Take A Picture" from '99ish and my goodness Richard Patrick is hot in this. ;)



Now, the following weekend on St. Patrick's Day, I went to see some old friends of mine. Jojo and Geoff used to be in Elephant Boy and now they're doing a radio show and Jojo started his own band. So they played some songs and Geoff stepped in on a few too. It was a fun time and I always have a good time on St. Patty's Day. I say it must be Irish luck from the bit of Irish in my blood.

And I will close with my favorite Irish Prayer:

May God give you, 
for every storm, a rainbow,
for every tear, a smile,
for every care, a promise,
and a blessing in each trial;
for every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share,
for every sigh, a sweet song,
and an answer for each prayer.