Saturday, November 6, 2010

Filter Family, Call to DC/VA Filter Fans, NO LOVE Video/Tour, and more...

Photo by Jason Tatty Tatman

I've fallen a bit behind with my Filter updates, so this blog will be chock full!

First off, I want to give a shout out to my Filter Family! It's been about a year now since Filter started teasing us with youtube clips for the new album, and over that year I've become facebook friends with not only Richard Patrick himself, but also quite a network of fellow Filter fans! I feel like I've connected with some very interesting, great people through one of my favorite bands. The No Love Tour that's going on now, is awesome proof of the connection between us all! I've seen personal pics and videos from fans at the concerts as they go from state to state and I think it's really cool that we're able to kind of follow the tour through the eyes of each other.

I have to give a special shout out to Jason "Tatty" because he's one of the most hardcore Filter fans I've chatted with, and he has had the amazing opportunity to follow the guys for several shows. His daily updates are more entertaining to me than any stupid reality TV shows!

I love all my Filter Friends and I wish we could all meet each other at one massive Filter concert and rock out! But on that note, I do want to make a Call to Arms, so to speak, for any of my Filter Fans in the DC/VA area. So far Filter has not toured the east coast since the first time I got to see them in 2008. I want them back! And I know some of you do too! We need to promote them and back our boys as best as we can to get them here! It's all about promo! We all know how free downloading and mainstream music robs the real talent nowadays, so we've got to support our band! The best way we can do that right now is to request the new songs on the radio. You can also share stuff on social networks like me! Keep posting videos and interviews and everything all over facebook, myspace and twitter, etc.

Here is contact info for 3 local alternative radio stations. There's DC and two in Richmond. I figure it can't hurt to push it in Richmond too since it's close. If you know of any others please share them with me or in a comment on this blog. Request the new single, "No Love" and the first single, "The Inevitable Relapse," and mention to the stations that we have a gang of local Filter Fans who want them to tour here! I'll also list a few venues if you want to try putting a bug in their ears as well.

More NO LOVE Tour Dates:

11/4/10 The Machine Shop Detroit, MI

11/5/10 The Intersection Grand Rapids, MI

11/6/10 The Cubby Bear Chicago, IL

11/9/10 People's Court Des Moines, IA

11/11/10 The Venue Fargo, ND

11/12/10 Station 4 St. Paul, MN

11/14/10 The Summit Music Hall Denver

11/16/10 Vertigo Salt Lake City

11/19/10 The Alley Reno

11/20/10 Berbati's Pan Portland

11/22/10 Harlows Sacramento

11/23/10 Starline Fresno

See for tour info and the store for a tour edition tshirt! Be sure to hang out after the show because the guys have been hanging around to meet the fans and do autographs!

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