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Filter: NY show announced, Texas vids, pics, interview and review

First off, Filter is scheduled to play a show in NY the night after my birthday. I am REALLY hoping this is a kickoff show for a good tour to come! I was originally hoping for a show near me closer to my day of birth heh, but I'll settle for having the CD just in time for my birthday.

Here's a link about the show:

Here are some live vids of Filter playing some Texas shows last week:

NEW SONG! Drug Boy in Corpus Christi
My personal opinion of this song: I've been loving it since I first heard the guitar riff in the 2nd View from the Studio vid Filter posted on youtube back in October! I recognized the riff in a very distorted vid a fan posted in May from the Vegas show. I was psyched that someone finally posted a quality version of it so I could hear it and I was not disappointed! I'm actually more into this song than The Inevitable Relapse. Now I just await the recorded version.

Under brought back in Houston
RP said they were bringing this song back so I was also thrilled to see someone captured this as well! This is my fave song from Short Bus and I'm hoping they play it when I see them (hopefully soon).

Hey Man, Nice Shot in Houston

Jurassitol in Houston

Trip Like I Do in Houston

Hey Man, Nice Shot in Corpus Christi

Take A Picture in Corpus Christi

Hey Man, Nice Shot in San Antonio

Hey Man, Nice Shot: Up close and personal with RP haha

Photo by Anna Hoover in Houston

Photo by Anna Hoover in Houston

The Trouble with Angels album art from RP's twitter

Photo by David Block at Scout Bar

Photo by David Block at Scout Bar

Photo by David Block at Scout Bar

Filter's Richard Patrick

by Dawn Marie Fichera

When anyone mentions the band Filter, the first thing to come to mind is probably their smash hit, "Hey Man, Nice Shot". Controversy and speculation abound regarding the inspiration behind the song. Was it Budd Dwyer's public suicide or Kurt Cobain's? antiMusic got the scoop behind the song among other titillating revelations.

Filter formed in early 1993 to instantaneous success. The partnership between Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang proved to be a match made in musical heaven. The band's debut album, Short Bus, was a commercial success, selling over 682,000 copies in the United Sates alone. The track, "Hey Man, Nice Shot" topped out at number ten on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and has been covered by Three Doors Grace, Stone Temple Pilot, and Nickleback.

Brian Liesegang left the band in 1997. Patrick continued with the band and went on to release three additional albums, Title of Record. Amalgamut, and Anthems for the Damned, which met with critical review.

Filter is pumping out music thanks to strong-willed co-founder, frontman, and leader, Richard Patrick. Not many people can say they've been through hell and back and survived but Patrick can.

After battling a very public addiction, Patrick cleaned himself up in 2002 and has remained clean and sober since. There's something magical that occurs when you talk with a musician who got their act together and still has the good fortune to being able to perform and do what they love.

Patrick has brought back all the elements of Filter we love--pain, anger, frustration and neatly wrapped it up in a candy-wrapper called The Trouble With Angels, Filter's fifth studio album.

Filter's music is like a freight train coming your way without any brakes. While Patrick is known for his strong political views, he is a thoughtful, contributing member of society who brings to light all the garbage nobody wants to talk about. His last album, Anthems for the Damned took a lot of heat for bringing attention to his opinion of the war in Iraq. Filter's newest venture, The Trouble With Angels, shakes off the political shroud and focuses on the decadent and damn-near debilitating lifestyle he lived.

Filter is back in the circuit with a bang-up new album that kicks you in the visceral gut. If you thought "Nice Shot Man" was an anthem, wait until you hear the track "The Inevitable Relapse" from their new album. While some people on the chat boards say it is metaphor for going back to an old lover, others say it is about the drugs the lyrics purport it to be. Patrick clarifies the meaning below. Whatever the case may be, the track has all of the Patrick elements we love so much.

The Trouble With Angels may very well be the best one released to date. The story of Richard's public drug addiction and journey to recovery are chronicled in a very in-your-face delivery. Each track on the album is a mini personal narrative giving us a glimpse into the mind of a recovering addict who fought like hell to get back to a sane place. To his great credit, he managed to tame the beast within.

Richard's voice is stronger than ever, bringing an emotional intensity to each lyric. You can nearly taste the violence in his music. But the violence this time around has a direction and a purpose; it serves as an outlet to the demons he's exercised over the years. And like faithful lapdogs, we lick at the wounds for a mere taste of his soul.

antiMusic caught up with Patrick for an exclusive interview to discuss his past and his current studio work.

antiMusic: How is the new album The Trouble With Angels a departure from your previous recordings with Filter?

Richard: The record before The Trouble With Angels was Anthems for the Damned and was a tribute to the soldiers who fought and died in Bush and Cheney's war in Iraq. It supported the troops but protested the war so the album was a huge departure from my previous works. This new album is the classic Filter sound, like Title of Record and Short Bus.

antiMusic: Talk about the creative process through the recording process? How does the idea in your head become a final cut on the album?

Richard: I had a bunch of song ideas. I had started songs with Mitch Marlow and started songs on my own. I showed up to Bob Marlette's house one day with the songs and he spent the next month or so finishing my ideas. He made them sound amazing. Then we added drums, re-recorded some tracks, mixed it and voila, another finished Filter record.

antiMusic: Real life experience, such as the drunken aircraft story that resulted in the song "Take a Picture", or a reveal such as with "Captain Bligh" have been cited as sources of inspiration for your writing. What was the source of inspiration for this album?

Richard: The crazy things I did when I was in my early 20's; running around Cleveland's underbelly, climbing bridges and taking off between the hours of 10pm and 8am and roaming the streets with a bunch of disenfranchised dudes around 1989-1995.

antiMusic: What was the hardest part of getting the album made?

Richard: This particular record was easily made. Bob didn't crack the whip too hard, but we worked at a steady pace and it just came together.

antiMusic: Can you share any funny recording moments?

Richard: We were trying to simulate the smashing of a drum set, so we threw a bunch of stuff with all the mics on. Really, the whole experience was fun and a good time overall…it was a lighthearted record to make and we were always goofing off.

antiMusic: What was the hardest part about editing?

Richard: John Spiker and Bob did all the editing…I would make a couple suggestions and they would make the changes…it was a tough job for Spiker, but good for me.

antiMusic: Was there a time when you thought you wouldn't finish the album?

Richard: Never. We were on track the entire time.

antiMusic: What is your personal favorite track on the new album and why?

Richard: "No Love"- just the rhythm. It's got such a big chorus to it. I am really proud of the entire record.

antiMusic: What is the hardest track to record/perform?

Richard: Hardest track to record: "No Re Entry". I basically had to scream as hard as I have ever screamed in my life. Some of the guitar parts are hard to play-we used a big huge baritone gauge guitar with drop D tuning so the strings were extra big and extra tight…it's hard to record guitars this way, but it sounds badass.

antiMusic: Do people ask you to play your old standards? Do you still enjoy performing them?

Richard: Oh absolutely! Hearing 12000 people sing "Hey Man" with me, never gets old

antiMusic: Do the songs hold the same meaning they did when you first performed them?

Richard: Oh heck yeah, absolutely. Every time I hear "Hey Man Nice Shot", I know what I am singing about and it never gets old.

antiMusic: There has been a conflict about who the song "Nice Shot" was written about. Can you clear this up?

Richard: The song was written in 1991 after I viewed raw footage of Budd Dwyer's public suicide. Not saying it's about that, but it is certainly inspired by it.

antiMusic: Can you talk about your bouts with rehab?

Richard: I've been sober since September 28, 2002 but I don't really see myself as preaching sobriety. I just happen to be on the other side of alcoholism right now. Much of this new record is about being in the disease. If you take a look at the video for Relapse (watch it here), the song is about the insanity of addiction, and that's why I love it so much. It's someone or something kicking the shit out of you and you just keep coming back for more. It isn't judgmental or anything, that's' just the phenomenon- it just happens. You don't know why, it just is.

antiMusic: You strike me as someone who has very clear goals. Is there anything left for you to strive for as a band?

Richard: I just want to continue doing what I do. I love everyday of being in a band. I am clean and sober now too, so everything is great.

antiMusic: What are your personal goals?

Richard: I just want to be a great father, a great husband, a great band mate and a great friend. A lunar landing would be cool.

antiMusic: What have you learned along the way?

Richard: I have learned that there is no shame in admitting that you might have a problem and thankfully I haven't made a really big mistake in about seven years.

antiMusic: You wrote in your blog: "At times, I find myself on my knees, begging for something good to happen but wondering whom to beg. I would be really happy if there was a paradise after we die, but I don't think any of us should have to wait. My family, my friends, my planet, this should be our paradise NOW. This ain't the dress rehearsal people. This is the SHOW! We need to stop waiting for the man in the sky to take care of everything, let's do it OURSELVES. Let's do it NOW!" Have you changed your idea of God since that post in Suicide Girls? What are your thoughts about God and religion?

Richard: The Trouble With Angels has a reference to Galileo…he believed in heliocentric cosmology-basically that earth revolves around sun and just 400 years ago that was sac-religious and he had to face the Inquisition. They put him on house arrest and told him to stop preaching his horrible science…seems like for all the good that comes from religion there is bad too. You can believe in flying pigs and living on Mars, but when you blow up abortion clinics or deny people the same right because they are gay, that's when I see the "The Trouble With Angels." When you start harboring child molesters and keep hush, hush to protect the Church, and that's just our time. Think about the millions of people that have been killed in wars fought over religion. In science there are only the laws of …when Steven J. Hawkings is proven wrong, he celebrates it…science will always prevail; it's based on logic. It's like I said, religion, friend or foe, there are trouble with angels.

antiMusic: Some people are afraid to interview you because of your political views. How do you feel about that?

Richard: I'm not super political, but my last record was. I think people are a little afraid that they'd get into a big debate. On this record, I focus on internal strife and being here on planet earth and not trying to end the Iraq war or support the troops trying to fight it.

antiMusic: What are the your thoughts on the BP oil spill?

Richard: It's an absolute catastrophe and it just goes to show you that when you have a bunch of oil farms in the ocean one can die. I hate to think it's based on greed, but that's what it looks like. I wrote a song about it a long time ago called "Cancer"; what is it when an organism uses up all its resources and kills its host. If you look at a city, if you take a microscope and look at cancer cells and take a satellite picture of the city, it's almost like the two things are the same. City streets look like cancer cell walls. Earth is this beautiful organism and we are destroying it. It doesn't shock me that it's a big corporation behind it. Look at Nigeria. There are hundreds of oil spills there. It's a crying shame. It's not like its Haiti where we can get on and do a telethon; we can point the finger; it's their fault and they should clean it up and pay everyone in the gulf. People's entire livelihoods have been ripped out from under them and so many lives have been lost.

antiMusic: What have been your personal successes to date? Successes as a band?

Richard: As an individual, the birth of my children and marriage to my wife are my greatest successes.

My band is almost equal to my family. I love Filter and want to make it bigger and stronger every year and continue to make music for everyone that wants to hear it.

antiMusic: Why do you keep at it? What motivates/inspires you to keep plugging away at your craft?

Richard: Other music motivates and inspires me. The first thing every musician realizes is that they appreciate music far more than others around them. There is always a great song out there, you just have to look for it or you have to write it. Sometimes I turn on the radio and just hear another great new song and just have to know who it is.

antiMusic: What keeps it fresh for you?

Richard: In my experience, new people keep it fresh. There have been a lot of different people I've worked with over the years. I've got a great band right now with Rob Patterson, Mika Fineo and Phil Buckman, not to mention everyone who played on this record. Mitchell Marlow, John Spiker, Yogi Lonich, Bruce Somers, Rae Dileo Brian Liesagang and of course, producer Bob Marlette. Bob and I didn't really start working together until last summer. I like keeping things changing and growing. Collaboration keeps it fresh. I hope this version of Filter stays the same for a quite a while though.

antiMusic: What's the biggest difference in the industry you see from when you first started? What are new challenges that you didn't have when you first stared out?

Richard: Money has come and gone in this music industry. Technology is another huge change. Technology has made it really easy to make music but you still have to be musically inclined to connect with people. Gear and equipment is insanely great right now. My favorite things are my Shure microphone, the wireless gear and my Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters.

antiMusic: You've worked with a number of people throughout your career, who would you like to work with again?

Richard: The best person I've worked with is hands down, BOB MARLETTE…I've said it a couple times here and ill say it again. He brought me to a higher level and raised the bar and that's why people are saying The Trouble With Angels could be my best record.

antiMusic: If you weren't a rock star what would you be doing?

Richard: I'd probably be acting. I really do feel like there is another side forming that I'm not really participating in and that's acting. Just doing the videos and being around a camera is great. For the new video it was so much fun to tap into that side and take direction from a director. That's what's great about performing on stage…acting is something I should get into.

antiMusic: Worst job you've ever had?

Richard: I worked at this little deli in Cleveland and we used to slice the lettuce on the meat slicers. One day my coworker got distracted and chopped off all his fingers. I quit shortly after that. I didn't want to lose my fingertips; needed them to play guitar.

antiMusic: Best freebie you've ever gotten?

Richard: Best freebie..I get free stuff all the time. I think it was the Ministry box set from Warner Brothers. That's badass.

antiMusic: What's next?

Richard: Keep on keeping on and keep doing what I'm doing. I can't wait to go on tour and to keep making new music. Maybe a third baby? I don't know if my wife is into that, but the grandparents are!

Another Trouble with Angels CD Review

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Filter's in Texas. Still counting down to the album!

Filter is currently in Texas playing some gigs this week and into the weekend. I'm hoping for some live videos to be posted but haven't found any yet! But here are some other tidbits to share in the meantime.

Here's an awesome fan review done by Jason "Tatty" Tatman:

Read it on facebook

Hey now FILTER fans!

We are now officially a month away from the release of FILTER's highly anticipated 5th studio release, The Trouble with Angels! As most of you know reviews have been popping up online and if you've been reading them, they have all been extremely positive! I am known around most parts as Tatty, from good ol Bardstown, KY. I have been an avid fan of FILTER since their start in early 1995, and a friend of Richard Patrick's throughout the years. I luckily have seen FILTER in concert 20+ times spanning each tour over the last 15 years. You could say I am FILTER’s #1 fan of all time ;) I'm not afraid to say that I am - hey ohh!

I have been given the pleasure of listening to The Trouble with Angels in advance and thought you all may like to have the die-hard FAN perspective of this unbelievable FILTER album. I haven't just listened to it once, no no, I've listened to it many times now - daily... not by choice either, I just can't stop listening. I must say to you all that it is absolutely genius from start to finish. Rich has been quoted saying he spent a lot of time listening to Short Bus and Title of Record prior to the creation of this album to get back to his roots. Well I'm here to tell you that he has done it people, TEN-fold! He’s even brought the symbol used on Short Bus (which he refers to as the ‘zoom-zoom’) back to the cover of The Trouble with Angels! Talk about awesome!!! That should say something right from the start folks.

When I listen to Angels it sounds as if all the music from every album prior has been put it into a blender, poured into a glass and served with a huge grin! It is loud, artistic, powerful, in your face, honest, original, melodic, never boring, and FILTER at its best! I guarantee that being a FILTER fan you will LOVE it in every way, and have a very hard time:

A) Making it to the next song without starting the one you're on over first

B) Not wondering over and over 'How the hell can this guy be so freaking talented?'

C) Taking this CD out of your player once you've put it in

Now like I said, I have been an avid fan of FILTER from the very beginning so what I just stated should say a lot about Angels my friends. Richard's vocals are better than ever. The man is a freak of nature, belting out his signature screams and singing unbelievably. For a man who's been screaming the way he has over the years, his voice hasn't changed a bit (if anything, it has for the better). I don't just say this to kiss ass or brown nose or anything of the sort. My opinion of this album is absolute truth, and I wanted to pass my first impressions on to you all! I'm good like that \m/

So let’s start – I am guessing most all of you have listened to song #1 already, ‘The Inevitable Relapse,’ which is also the first single. Quiet at first with Rich singing softly underneath a low bass line, typical FILTER, and then BAM – Rich is off screaming ‘I’LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING THAT YOU’RE WAITING TO SEE!!!’ A perfect start to this mind blowing album. To me with this line he’s not only getting a point out about this song, but also making a statement to anyone who’s criticized his past couple albums as being softer than usual that he’s back and better than ever. The song is intense and raw, telling a tale of self destruction and the light at the end of the tunnel. Awesome right off the bat!

From here we’re taken to track #2, ‘Drug Boy,’ a song originally written for 2002’s The Amalgamut. I heard the rough version of this back then (at the time called Indulgence, no words to it just music) and it was bad ass then, but he has really beefed it up since and brought it to life! It takes you on a journey through his memories when he was younger, running around and being a hooligan like most of us have in our hay days. Very loud, dark, extreme, and sounding like the FILTER we all know and love! There's even shades of organs in it at times. Incredible!

Alright, now on to track #3 – ‘Absentee Father.’ Hold on tight! This is one of my personal favorites off the whole album. It starts off with Richie’s trademark scream – YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Then BOOM, we’re off - like a roller coaster going 90 mph down a hill through twists, loops and turns heads banging the whole way! This song is like a mix of every FILTER song put together into one. From start to finish it is extraordinary, very original, and sets the mood for the album very well. It seems to be a tale of Jesus not speaking back to our world when we’re so desperate for him at this point in time. Very very awesome..

Okay, let’s move to ‘No Love,’ track #4. Banging drums boom in sync while the sound of guitar feedback is heard in the background, until it breaks into one of the coolest & hardest starts to any FILTER song. By this point in the album your neck will probably be sore already from all the head banging you’ve been doing thus far, so be careful... The song breaks away from its heaviness at times into a great groove of bass, drums and guitar harmonics while Rich sings about love being lost twenty years ago. If I were to guess, he may be contemplating his current feelings in regards to a past friendship he had with a certain other artist he used to be in a band with. Just a guess, I could be wrong – so don’t take my word for it. This is a terrific song that keeps its strength and pace from start to finish – again, very original and very FILTER! Unlike the song’s title, you will find much love in it.

Time for what some of the reviewers have been calling the album’s ballad, song #5 ‘No Re-Entry.’ I call it an awesome mind trip of a song. Hard to decipher who or what he’s trying to get his point across to in this one, I’ll leave that to you all, but it is an incredibly beautiful song. The vocals are powerful throughout, especially in the chorus when he screams out with amazing strength:

‘They put the pages back in your bruised book!!

They put the pages back with rusty hooks!!!!’

You won’t believe your ears, it’s simply beyond words. It is layered with excellent guitars, bass, drums, and organs. There’s even a keyboard or guitar solo in the middle that is out of this world. A lot of you will probably find this to be your favorite, especially the ladies out there ;)

‘Down with Me’ starts off right away with pure FILTER power, and then takes you on a nice mellow ride before throwing you 100 yards into the air in the middle of the song and towards the end. The chorus is very catchy, it’s sure to stay with you. ‘Catch a Falling Knife’ has all the traditional FILTER elements from Short Bus and Title of Record. This song is, just like every other song on the album, bad-ass. Rich has stated this is a tribute to Jaycee Dugard, the girl who was kidnapped in 1991 and found alive with her capture 18 years later. A very emotional & powerful song.

The title song ‘The Trouble with Angels,’ is like all the other epic songs in every way. He contemplates faith, and questions the horrific crimes and sins priests commit against those who seek their guidance for hope and eternal life after death. The music fits exactly with the message of not only the song but the whole album. Perfect for the title track! ‘Clouds’ is the second to last track, a very great song. I love it all the way through. The sound is different in a way, beautiful and trippy. Not too heavy, not too light and Rich sings along with it perfectly. You just might feel like you’re flying through the clouds when listening to it. Last but not least is the acoustic remake of the song FILTER originally made for the movie 2012 soundtrack ‘Fades Like a Photograph.’ I think it’s a definite solid ending. Re-recorded just for this album, piano has been added and the acoustic direction was an excellent way to go with this song. You all are going to love this version, but want a lot more once it’s over. Luckily you can hit replay and listen to the album all over again as many times as you want. I guarantee you will for days, weeks, months and years! This is sure to be considered by most the best rock album of the year!

Well, there you have it! Tatty’s take on FILTER’s ‘The Trouble with Angels.’ I expect great things for FILTER in the coming months after the release of this brilliant album. Before I listened to this, my favorite FILTER CDs were, in this order:

1. Short Bus

2. Title of Record

3. The Amalgamut

4. Anthems for the Damned

Now my new list of favorites are, in this order of course:

1. The Trouble with Angels

2. Short Bus

3. Title of Record

4. The Amalgamut

5. Anthems for the Damned

Yes it is that good people - count down the days my friends! FILTER is back with a vengeance, and better than EVER!!! I cannot wait to see them on this tour and hear the new songs played live along with all the other epic excellent classics as well. Now backed by the awesome guitarist Rob Patterson, kick ass bassist Phil Buckman, and the tried and true unbelievable drummer Mike Fineo, they are sure to rock harder than anyone else you will see on tour this year! FILTER to me is the best, most original rock band out there now-a-days. Rich has a style and talent that compares to no other. His originality and honesty in his music matches no other band on the market. He’s made it to Album #5 now, which is a milestone in this day and age. Let’s all give this man a huge round of applause for all he’s accomplished in the amazing life he’s lived, for keeping FILTER alive for us – his fans, and also for making another one of the best rock albums ever – ‘The Trouble with Angels!!!!’ Thank you Rich - Job VERY well done my friend! ;)

- Jason ‘Tatty’ Tatman


The Trouble with Angels – available to all August 17, 2010

Label: Rocket Science Ventures

Tatty’s Rating: \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ (out of 5)

Here are some more older pics:

Rob Patterson's shot of Texas as Filter passes through for some tour dates.



Pre-Order The Trouble with Angels from itunes!

Tidbit about pre-ordering


GREAT interview!

Another cool audio interview! He explains a little bit about the new music video too, since some people don't get it ha.

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Filterism for Filterites

I think I came up with the term Filterism, and we Filter fans were just referred to as Filterites in an email update from Filter so I took the idea and ran with it! Again, here are some more exciting updates from the past week or so.

First of all the main website was completely revamped. You definitely should check that out. I discovered if you go to Music and click on the new album, you can read all the new lyrics! Also, go to the Store to buy special presale packages including an autographed The Trouble with Angels CD and shirts and stuff. I thought about getting the hot shorts, but decided against it haha. ;^p

There are a few new photos of the band, several positive reviews of the new album, and the music video for "The Inevitable Relapse" is up too! So keep on scrolling to look, listen, and love. (I think that might be my new signature closing phrase.)

First, another older pic I found.

A new one: Rob, Rich, Mika, Phil.

Be trigger happy with your mouse! Click, click away! Lots of links below:


Collaborate with Filter!
Watch the video where RP invites you to remix or completely redo "The Inevitable Relapse."

Filter Frontman talks new album, sobriety, NIN

CWG Review

Type 3 Media Review

The J Interviews Richard Patrick of Filter

The NewReview Review (I'm not being sarcastic)

The Metal Den Review

Little Rat Bastard Review

Great audio interview with RP! 45 minutes of ramblings from the musical mad scientist.

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MORE FILTER! A Personal Tale and Pics/Reviews/Articles

First of all, I'm going to reminisce once again about my personal Filter fannage. This is the story of my personal interaction with Richard Patrick.

In April of 2006 I got on myspace for the first time. Sometime between 2006-2007, I found and friended the profiles of Army of Anyone, Filter, and Richard Patrick. At the time he was involved in his side project, Army of Anyone. Then announcements started coming from all three of these profiles about a Filter reawakening.

I was stoked about this news and started posting comments and sent a few messages to Richard Patrick in response to his announcements. That's when it started. I got my first message from the man himself. I replied to him and he replied to me yet again.

So in May of 2008, I got to see Filter in concert, after years of anticipation. The concert was an amazing experience for me and I've written about that before. But I do want to revisit one particular moment from that night. During an idle vocal moment in a song, I made direct eye contact with him and then he came over to that side of the stage and touched my hand in the crowd. I still wonder if he recognized me from myspace or if I just got his attention by staring at him. Either way, it was spectacular.

After that concert there was kind of a lull in Filter activity for me for awhile. But then at the end of 2009, Filter made an announcement that the main discussion board would be moved to facebook. It was then that I discovered Filter's page on facebook, and again, Richard Patrick's page. Now this really sparked a connection. I became very active on the discussion board and he replied to several discussions. Then I had an idea (which I cannot disclose because I don't know if it will happen) and sent him a message about it.

Now it's a regular occurence to share links, ideas and opinions back and forth with him. I tried to get Filter to play a summer concert series in my hometown but the album release got delayed so I don't think that will happen now. I'm sure they will still play somewhere nearby though. He has also said that we will hang when they come here for a show. I'm still looking forward to that prospect!

The most recent mind-blowing interaction I've had with him is about my poems I posted the other day. I decided to send those to him and he complimented me on them. I don't write as much as I used to but that was very encouraging for me. How often do you get complimented by one of your biggest influences?

Now here are some old and new pics!

Houston, Texas Flyer

Filter Photo Shoot

An older photo I found on the internet back in the day.

Another older photo. One of my fave shots.

Shot from the new music video shoot for "The Inevitable Relapse."

The new single with Rob Patterson's remix on vinyl!

Here are several great reviews of the new CD and articles/interviews with Richard Patrick. A lot of exciting stuff happening!

Away Team Review of The Trouble with Angels

Filter's Richard Patrick: BP Oil Spill 'A Crime Against the Planet'

FILTER Signs European Deal With NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS - July 2, 2010

Filter Frontman: 'We're Back to What Made Filter Great in the First Place'

Backstage Axxess Review of The Trouble with Angels

Friday, July 2, 2010

Afterthoughts, Coward, and Whirlwind

I did some more digging and here are 3 other poems I wrote between 2006-2007.


My inspiration has run dry
The innocence has left my eyes
There you are, still in my mind
I cannot find a place to hide

What is this guilt I’m burdened with
When I shouldn't feel it
Why does forgiveness feel like sin
When I’m trying to forgive him

I thought it was over
A long time ago
But there it goes
Starting up again

What is this guilt I’m burdened with
When I shouldn't feel it
Why does forgiveness feel like sin
When I’m trying to forgive him

Happiness is not mine
Not for a long time
What inhibitions
Does my conscience bind

What is this guilt I’m burdened with
When I shouldn't feel it
Why does forgiveness feel like sin
When I’m trying to forgive him

Numbness taunts the warmth of my heart
With promises of no more pain
But can I pay the consequence

What is this guilt I’m burdened with
When I shouldn't feel it
Why does forgiveness feel like sin
When I’m trying to forgive him


It’s Friday night and I’m all alone
The weight is heavy
The night is long
The burden I bear is much too strong
I can't fight it

So I hide
I hide because I can’t fight
I’m too weak to fight myself and win

I let the dark veil consume me
It overtakes my mind, my body and my soul
But I don’t let anyone see it
I keep it hidden inside
At all times

So I hide
I hide because I can’t fight
I’m too weak to fight myself and win

Isolated from the world around me
I become my own enemy
As I embrace the darkness within me
My beauty rots away with each teardrop
The salt tears at my skin, burning

So I hide
I hide because I can’t fight
I’m too weak to fight myself and win

I am my own downfall
I never let anyone see me at all
I cower in the shadows of self-consciousness
Until it destroys me

So I hide
I hide because I can’t fight
I’m too weak to fight myself and win


Taste the salt of rain
dripping down my face
Wash away the pain
with your slippery embrace

Shield away the sun
with its bright, smiling face
Take away my fun
and my pride just in case

Like a whirlwind
Pick me up
Spin me around again
Make me feel
Like I'm not drowning
Make me feel
Like I'm alive again
and still breathing
Make me feel
the extreme again
No inbetween

I am bored with mediocrity
I am sleeping in the bed I made
I want nothing and everything
If it were up to me I'd be somebody

I question my surroundings
and burn them all to hell
I analyze beyond all reason
But I mean well

Like a whirlwind
Pick me up
Spin me around again
Make me feel
Like I'm not drowning
Make me feel
Like I'm alive again
and still breathing
Make me feel
the extreme again
No inbetween

Steal my heart
and leave me with rage
Fill me up
and throw me away

Like a whirlwind
Pick me up
Spin me around again
Make me feel
Like I'm not drowning
Make me feel
Like I'm alive again
and still breathing
Make me feel
the extreme again
No inbetween

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Wow, this is something I just found that I wrote back in November 2006. Huh, I forgot about it.


Your warmth consumes me

Arms wrapped around me, enfolding me like a blanket

Sheltering me from my cold, dismal surroundings

Your presence calms, stills, relaxes

Slows my breathing

My heart even a faint beating

My vision distorted

I feel outside myself

But you so clearly in my mind

You remain for a prolonged moment

Time becomes immeasurable

Then slowly you fade away

Eyes blink back to conscientiousness

Surroundings return to awareness

Sighing as breath and pulse restores to reality

And I feel at peace

Dark Circles

It's been a long time since I've tried my hand at poetry/lyrics. So here's a little something.

Dark Circles

It’s hard to see the silver lining

When you’re blinded by the gray

Hard to harness the pining

When it haunts you everyday

Dark circles surround me

You think you break away

Then they drag you back in

Fight your way out

Then they circle around again

And drag you back in

Faith, hope and love are fine

If you can make it through the day

But the darkness is always lurking

And it’s hard to push it away

Dark circles surround me

You think you break away

Then they drag you back in

Fight your way out

Then they circle around again

And drag you back in

The world keeps moving around me

But I feel still

Unmoving, stagnant, ill

Try to make it better

But they just try to give you a pill

Try to shrug it off with a smile

Happy thoughts and a forced grin

But it only lasts for awhile

Before the black still tries to win

Dark circles surround me

You think you break away

Then they drag you back in

Fight your way out

Then they circle around again

And drag you back in