Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Soldiers of Misfortune: Filter FALSELY associated with Aurora shooting by dumb blogger

THIS has really gotten under my skin. Some blogger, who has a free blog on wordpress, just like I have a free blog right here on blogger, has accused one of my favorite bands, Filter, of being associated with the Aurora shooter.

The only thing I regret about posting this, is giving this ignoramus more views on his blog. But he's practicing his freedom of speech, so right back at ya!
The inaccurate blog posting by this dummy.

I posted a comment on his blog to correct his inaccurate assumptions in an attempt to develop a conspiracy theory, but he deleted my comment. So let me post my ACCURATE report on the internet to counteract your BS sir.

Here is what my comment said: I don’t know what that DVD is but it is NOT related to the music video of the Filter song “Soldiers of Misfortune.” Filter wrote that song and that entire album “Anthems for the Damned” in 2008 as a remembrance of one of their fans/friends who died in the war. They are anti-war/pro-troops. The video’s symbolism is obviously referencing the war being based on oil. It has NOTHING to do with this psycho who killed people in a movie theater. You just turned something that was a eulogy to a friend into something horrible and you’re totally wrong. Check your facts before you throw this crap out on the internet. I just saw Filter LAST NIGHT and right before they performed this song live, they said just what I have said here, that it was for a friend/fan who was killed in the war and they were against war but for the troops. Does anyone LIKE soldiers being killed in war? You need to take this down.

Hey look, here's that stupid paintball movie that the shooter had--NOTHING to do with Filter. 
Derder Soldiers of Misfortune Paintball Movie 
And here's a description of the movie: "Soldiers of Misfortune takes you into the life of Hybrid Technologies "Contract Killers."  Hybrid has taken considerable time and effort to assemble a group of paintballers notorious for their unique style and personas."

Oh and look! I just also found a book by the same title! Again, NOTHING to do with FILTER. Soldiers of Misfortune: Washington's Secret Betrayal of American POWs in the Soviet Union

Look I'm a big fancy pants legitimate reporter now because I can google stuff on the internet and pretend that everything with the same phrase in it is uber connected and a big conspiracy. Whoopdee DOO! You don't know nuthin fool!

Now, why don't you intelligent people out there go buy this Filter album that has nothing to do with this crap, and check out some meaningful, emotional music: Filter "Anthems for the Damned"

Might I add that Filter went to the middle east personally to perform for the troops 3 times during the war. If this guy had looked into ANYthing, he would have realized how ridiculous this is.

I have not found any proof anywhere else that the shooter listened to Filter's song or watched their music video. It is completely unrelated.

But this isn't the first time Filter has faced false controversy. Their first hit single in 1995 "Hey Man, Nice Shot" was met with rumors about it being written about Kurt Cobain. These rumors were also incredibly untrue. Richard Patrick wrote the song prior to Kurt Cobain's death. It was coincidence that it was released afterwards and people jumped to conclusions. 

Only positive thing is, I hope this draws more attention to Filter in a GOOD way. They're touring and working on a new album right now. Check them out, they're awesome.

And don't even get me started on the subject of movies or music causing killings like this...War, murder, violence, weapons and psychos were ALL going on way before movies were being made or music was protesting government. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Filter at Irving Plaza, Richard Patrick in a Film, and more!

Well I got to see Filter in NYC at Irving Plaza last week. We took the train from VA and had quite the adventure in the big apple. Got to see some Filter friends and meet some new ones and see the Filter guys of course!

Richard Patrick
Jonny Radtke
Jeff Friedl
Fuel played before Filter and they put on a good show too. They're doing several shows together the next few months. 

We also got to meet Matt Pinfield haha! I remember him from MTV.

Matt Pinfield
Filter played a short set but brought it. I was in no attire to deal with moshers, so after a few encounters toward the front, I moved further back this time. One disadvantage of getting girlied up for NY. The other disadvantage was my feet hated me from the shoes I was wearing.

I didn't get good shots of the show itself because the lighting was awful. So I won't post anymore pics in here, but you can see the album here.

This is the only video I got this time. Security made my friend stop recording it, but meanwhile other people got plenty of videos. If you're going to say no video, you need to be consistent Irving Plaza!

Let me backtrack about the train trip. This was my first time taking a real train trip anywhere. The way up was pretty smooth. It was funny though waiting at the train station in the morning with other people who were mainly going to work. We were in our night clothes and we got some interesting looks. We also had no clue what we were doing, so a few businessmen gave us some guidelines haha.

When we got to Penn Station it was a HUGE contrast to the Fredericksburg station. We have like two tracks...Penn Station was like an airport. We wandered around a little bit and found an Irish Pub to eat at called Pig N Whistle. I got some yummy shepherd's pie there. And then I didn't get a chance to do my makeup before we left, so I brought it with me. I ended up doing my makeup in the bathroom at this place haha. So thanks Pig N Whistle! It was very dimly lit in there though. And I also put in my earrings in there, which will come up again in just a moment...

We caught the 3 a.m. train to come home, because the whole point of the train was to avoid driving in NYC, the cost of gas for the trip, and the cost of a hotel room. So we were pulling a 24-hour trip here basically. The train ride home was quite different and the weird thing is, the train was packed. It was mostly empty on the trip up there in the morning. Strange...

My friend slept most of the way home, I have trouble sleeping in situations like that for some reason. I remember staying awake on 14-hour bus trips for band in high school. But I did manage to doze off at one point. So when I woke up again, I touched my hair and noticed a matted section. I was wondering what I had gotten in my hair. Then I look down and there's blood on my chest. Turns out in the dim lighting in that bathroom, apparently putting in one of my earrings, I somehow made a new hole or something. I really don't know how I did that. But I had taken my earrings out on the train because they get irritated very easily. So then I guess it bled a lot. So when we made it home I know we were looking rough at that point hahaha. Still in our night clothes, half worn off makeup, and me with blood in my hair. What a hot mess. But it was fun!

And now for some other Filter stuffs!

Richard Patrick is supposed to be in an indie film, but the project needs your support to get completed! Please pledge even just $1 and spread the word! I really want to see him get into some acting!

Go to to help out! They only have 13 more days to reach their goal!

Filter also has a lot of new merchandise for sale online as well as goodies only available at shows. So be sure to check it all out! I got two shirts and a coffee mug and I think I'll be grabbing some other things at the next show that aren't online. Filter Store

Be sure to keep an eye on and their Facebook events page for tour dates! New ones are being added here and there so don't miss 'em! And don't forget the VIP and Roadie packages!

7/20 River Rockhouse St. Charles, IL
7/21 The Orbit Room Grand Rapids, MI
7/24 Ram's Head Live Baltimore, MD
7/26 Sammy T's Huntsville, AL
7/28 Phase 2 Lynchburg, VA
7/29 Altar Pittsburgh, PA
7/31 Fillmore Charlotte, NC
8/1 Cherry Civic Center Paducah, KY
8/2 Mojoe's Joliet, IL
8/4 Sioux Empire Fair Sioux Falls, SD
8/7 The Garage Kearney, NE
8/11 Hard Rock Hotel poolside Las Vegas, NV
8/14 Roxy Theatre West Hollywood, CA
8/16 4th and B San Diego, CA
8/25 Famously Hot Music Festival Columbia, SC
8/26 Shiley Acres Inwood, WV
9/16 XFest Dayton, OH
11/27-12/1 ShipRocked

And here are some links and videos: Look, listen, love!

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