Saturday, October 29, 2011

4th Time's the Charm: Duran Duran AND Filter 10/16-10/17

I had my rocking weekend with my two favorite bands back to back! First Duran Duran and then Filter! It was my fourth time seeing each of them in concert. I saw Duran Duran in 1999, 2001, 2005 and now 2011. I've seen Filter in 2008 and now three times in 2011. And in about two weeks I'll be seeing Filter for a week on Shiprocked! I did also see John Taylor solo in 1998...But I digress.

My man John Taylor: Favorite Bass Player in the World!
I became a Duranie at the age of 11, and considering I'm now 29, I think you can consider me a Duranie for life. Duran Duran STILL puts on one of the best live performances I've ever witnessed. They are true pros. After years of playing together, they seem even more tight, perhaps even flawless as a band.

I had a blast dancing and cheering with the huge crowd along to all the fun hits. And I had my typical heartfelt moments with some of my favorite songs that have comforted me since I was 11.

John Taylor is still hot at the age of 51, and his bass playing is perfection. They were all sharply dressed and had a spectacular light show and video screens to enhance their catchy music with visual stimulation. I'll always have a soft spot for Duran Duran.

My pics and vids of Duran Duran are rough quality, but I'm still sharing them.

Click to see the full album: My Duran Duran Pics

My favorite song EVER.

I was most excited to hear this one live for the first time. It was off their very first album.

This is my fave song off the latest album.

Also my first time hearing this one live! 

You can hear me squealing like a school girl when they introduce JT haha.

Nice audience sing along intro...

Neon Trees opened for Duran Duran. They were very entertaining, especially the singer. 

Now unfortunately, Filter added a headlining show the same night as my Duran Duran concert. So I saw them the next night when they opened for Bush and Chevelle.

Me and RP take 3!

Filter really should have been the headlining band for this show. I know I seem biased, but they rocked the hardest, out of the three bands. The show felt in reverse dynamically. It started out on a high note and then tapered off with Chevelle and Bush. They are still good bands too, but the stage presence was just not as strong.

I got special attention again...haha. Some people probably hate me now, but oh well. For the first 2 or 3 songs of Filter's set I got trapped in the middle of the crowd. The show was sold out and there were a lot of Bush and Chevelle fans taking up space from the loyal Filter fans. But my friend rescued me and got me toward the front. 

There were about 3 layers of people in front of me, and Richard Patrick came down in front of the crowd as usual. He saw me and put out his hand and pulled me to the front to kind of lean on me for a moment. Some of the girls around us were looking at me funny after that. Then a little more into their set, he came down in the center area and I got a hug. And after he crowd surfed, he gave me his Filter wristband. I also scrounged up one of the guitar pics he threw in the audience.

Richard came out to sign autographs again, so I got one on my Filter shirt I was wearing. Then I forgot to show him my tattoo, so I went around again. I wanted a picture of him with my tattoo, and he got all silly haha.

At 2:00 you can see Richard handing me his wristband. This is a video some random person got.

At 2:00 I hugged Richard, but the person moved their camera.

At 1:09 you can see him just stick out his hand to pull me up front. But the camera moves. You can see me about 3 people back and then I'm not there.

DC101 had this voting contest for the greatest bass line in modern rock. 15 songs were nominated by listeners and one of them was "Hey Man, Nice Shot." I found out about it and rallied up a few Filter fans to help with the voting. They played it on the radio while we were in my car driving to the concert. Filter made #1! 

A few new tour dates:
12/7/11 Vice Ultra Lounge Walnut Grove, Ca
12/9/11 Chilkoot Charlie's Anchorage, Alaska
12/10/11 Blue Loon Fairbanks, Alaska
12/12/11 - 12/19/11 Kuwait Kuwait

ZZ Top signed a copy of ZZ Top "A Tribute from Friends" for Richard Patrick and Richard returned the favor and signed a copy for ZZ Top!!

I really liked this picture from the Monster site.

Brand new song from The Cranberries WITH a free download!

Now everyone have a Happy Halloween and I'll be back with a bangin blog after SHIPROCKED!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tour Tidbits: Filter and Duran Duran and a little bitta randomness

First off, it's rather amusing to me that my two favorite bands, who I'll be seeing in two weeks, seem to be traveling on similar tour paths right now. Not only are they coming to my area at the same time, but they have both already done some gigs in Cali as well as Vegas. I wonder if they'll run into each other at any point...


Exciting news in the world of Filter...They surpassed their goal of reaching 90,000 fans on Facebook. I also noticed they gained about 400 MORE fans since they began touring with Bush and Chevelle. I'm happy to see that because I was hoping this tour would bring them more exposure that they deserve!

Richard Patrick celebrated his 9th year of sobriety on 9/28. He brought his daughter onstage that night (video below) and then got a tattoo for his son! I'm very happy and proud of him!

Rich with his daughter Sloan

Richie's tattoo for his son: "Ridley, It is not flesh and blood but heart which makes us father and son."

Videos yo!

Sweetest thing in the world! Richard Patrick brings his daughter onstage during Take A Picture. Also it was his 9-year sobriety date.

Entertaining interview, as always...

Rich and Jonny headed to the radio station, with pimpin sunglasses.

This remix of Take A Picture is cool. The first time I heard it was maybe a few years ago when I watched that movie "Valentine" for the first time. This played at the end. And you can buy the mp3 on amazon!

I never watched CSI regularly, but I did catch this episode and I remember the background music catching my ear...It's You Walk Away.

Chevelle caught the speakers on fire the second night of the tour.

Anew Revolution Interview: They opened for Filter in NC when I saw them.

I wish I could go to this show too! There are VIP packages available.
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