Sunday, September 25, 2011

MEWZAK FRENZY! Tattoo, Filter, R.E.M., Duran Duran, and MORE!

First off, a quick update on my concert countdowns!
21 days till I see Duran Duran!
22 days till I see Filter!
50 days till ShipRocked!

Now as for the rest of this blog, I feel as though there's a bit of mewzak ADHD going on or something haha. So just try and keep up...

My Filter Tattoo!
Much to my surprise, Filter posted my tattoo on :)
1st stage 
Here's what my tattoo is about. I have a cross in the middle of my back above this and the combination of the two tattoos represents for me, that it CAN coexist. "There's a philosophical debate going on that's been going on for a couple thousand years, about whether or not religion and science can coexist...Is she (the angel) treading on Galileo's scientific notation or is she drowning in it? You don't know."

Oh and a shameless plug for my awesome tattoo artist: Drew Baker at Golden Monkey Tattoo. He's done 4 out of my 5 tattoos, and as long as I'm getting tattoos and he's doing them, I'll be his loyal customer. Go see him!

Filter posted this update this week:
"Our brother, Rob Patterson, will be taking some personal time, and will not be joining us on this upcoming tour. We wish him the best, and hope he accomplishes his goals. Fear not, FILTER friends...We'd like to introduce you to Jonny Radtke. Jonny comes to us by way of ASHES dIVIDE, and Kill Hannah. His guitar playing, style, and personality have made for a seamless fit alongside Richard, Mika, and Phil. Please join us in welcoming Jonny Radtke to the Fold!"

Rob will be missed on this next tour and we should all send him our well wishes! Hope to see you rocking again soon!

Some new promo photos:

(I really like this one...)

I made my own little CD...I call it the RP DeluxeI bought the whole European CD of TTWA to get "Leaving Without A Note," the whole Underworld soundtrack to get "Awakening," and the whole Family Values Tour CD for "Pride." All of those came from "Gimme All Your Lovin," "Happy Together" and "Fades" the 2012 soundtrack version, you can get individually from itunes. The other songs are of course from the Deluxe "Trouble with Angels" album.

I LOVE THIS hahahahahahaha

A rare one live..."I Will Lead You"

Richard Patrick is in this: Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Artists Look Back On 9/11

Request "Gimme All Your Lovin" by FILTER here: Call 888-3-OCTANE or shoot them an email

Buy the new ZZ Top cover of "Gimme All Your Lovin" by Filter on itunes!

A snippet of "Gimme All Your Lovin" with an introduction by Richard Patrick

Well this sounds good considering bogus sound equipment and power failures and drunk people throwing bottles at the band with no security and the promoter stealing their merchandise money.

The title of "Richard Patrick Freaks Out" is a little much. Seems to me he took things pretty calmly with all the problems at this gig.

Rich with some guitar pedals

MetalsPeak audio interview with Richard Patrick

I randomly saw this in Fredericksburg and took a pic as a joke. Monster Energy Drinks are a sponsor for Filter and I said I found the motherload!
My Filter shirt I ordered from the Store at 

#4 "Here's a tour that, in essence, features three headlining acts. While Bush tops the bill, Filter and Chevelle are hard-rock powerhouses in their own rights."

Be sure to check out the latest tour dates at

R.E.M. Breaks Up after three decades

R.E.M. is one of those bands I remember growing up listening to...I'm glad I got the chance to see them in concert once. They have made some great music that I've loved over the years and I will miss them...I can't possibly post ALL of their songs that I like, so I'll just put up a few of my faves.

My ticket stub
I fondly remember R.E.M. and U2 as bands from my childhood that have followed me all along...Now R.E.M. is retiring. Here's one of my favorites, the two bands combined:

♫This one goes out to the one I love...♫ Farewell R.E.M. ♥

Bush covering R.E.M.


Duran Duran

Back Beat Seattle Concert Review

Duran Duran's Simon LeBon talks about losing his voice onstage

Duran Duran kicks off U.S. tour in Everett

Duran Duran "South Park" 15th Anniversary Party... by maximotv

Simon Le Bon Says He Is Not Good At Anything Else But Singing


Mindless Faith won the Jane's Addiction remix contest! Check it out here!

Aaron Lewis covering "River of Deceit" by Mad Season. I love Layne Staley.

Candlebox is another band that will be on ShipRocked. I've never seen them so I'm looking forward to it.

The winners of the ShipRocked Battle of the Bands are 3 Pill Morning and Cage9. So they will also be rocking the boat!

I ♥ Michael J. Fox! Bid on those crazy Back to the Future sneakers for Parkinson's research!

Bono Says U2 ‘Won’t Be Back for a While’

Johnny Depp honors Keith Richards at GQ Awards
I also love Johnny Depp so yeah...
This is an awesome song that took about 4 years of searching to find...It was on one of the first episodes of my favorite TV show La Femme Nikita back in 1997. "Expressions of Loneliness" by Moon Socket.

Fredericksburg Famers Elephant Boy performing in 2001

New Mike Doughty album! "Yes and Also Yes"