Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Letter to Rolling Stone for Filter Cover Petition

Rolling Stone, how can you say no to THIS?! If I've got nothing else, I at least have passion and the nerve to pursue! You can't stop me! And YOU can participate too!

Hey everyone, I just emailed this to Rolling Stone. Our event page expires tomorrow and I wish we'd gotten more people but we gave it 4 months so I think it's time to bite the bullet! It would be great if you'd also send even just a short note to them too in support of the band! The email address is

Dear Editors of Rolling Stone,

Back in August a small coalition of Filter Fans organized a petition on facebook for fans to "sign" or "attend" in support of getting Filter on the cover of your magazine. You can also read the comments on the page. You can see the event page here:

I myself am a loyal fan of the band and in today's struggling music industry, I feel we have to work harder and harder to get our favorite bands noticed. Most people only know Filter for their hits, "Hey Man, Nice Shot" and "Take A Picture." It would be nice to get a decent feature article on them about their latest album, "The Trouble with Angels" and touring, or especially an interview with Richard Patrick.

The formation and history of Filter is interesting, stemming from Nine Inch Nails to going platinum as Filter. Richard Patrick’s progressing personal story of battling alcoholism to his family life now, is also a major human interest story. They have performed for the troops in the Middle East and Filter puts on one of the most raw, impressive rock concerts in rock history. You can ask anyone who has seen them live and I assure you the feedback will be positive.

We got 325 people to support our petition but here are other fan stats for Filter:
51,340 facebook fans
51,939 myspace friends
1,795 followers on twitter

That all adds up to potentially 105,399 readers who will purchase an issue of Rolling Stone with Filter on the cover.

I’m familiar with media. I’m going on 10 years working in the advertising department of a local newspaper, The Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We have about 50,000 daily circulation. So I understand the value of readership and single copy sales. How can you turn down such an opportunity in today’s market? The music business has been struggling as well as the journalism business. I am very passionate about music journalism in general and I get tired of mainstream features on artists that stemmed from the likes of American Idol. Let’s put an awesome band on that cover!

Here are links for references:

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kristen Hatch

Sunday, December 12, 2010

FILTER: "No Love" breaks 100,000 views, upcoming Lopez Tonight appearance, etc.

This week Filter's No Love video broke 100,000 views on youtube! They're headed to Germany for a festival next weekend and scheduled to perform on Lopez Tonight on TBS Dec. 23rd! Be sure to catch it! I know I'm very excited about seeing them on TV again for the first time in years! And rumor has it that there will be some more tour dates coming up in January and formal announcements yet as to where they will be but I'M hopeful. A Filter show is MY Christmas wish!

Enjoy some links and vids! Look, listen and love!

Crusher Magazine Interview

Info about Germany show Dec. 18

May the Rock Be With You Interview

Richard Patrick with Camp Freddy

Oregon Music News article

Sacramento Press concert review

Take A Picture live

Sacramento Press Q&A

Ecce Video concert review

Filter's Favorite Tour Songs Station

Noisecreep No Love article

Cubby Bear concert review

Spin It Loud interview

Hightower and Jones concert review

Caught in the Carousel album review

NIN Live: 1989-1991 from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.
 from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Monday, December 6, 2010



Motivation, ambition, where are you?

I lost you somewhere along the way

Rejection, submission, become familiar

I know you are here to stay

Rejection is my middle name

Loneliness is an old friend

Tired of this same old game

Bitter ties on this loose end

Starting projects I can’t finish

Inspiration seems to diminish

Fighting with myself again

The fight I never seem to win

Rejection is my middle name

Loneliness is an old friend

Tired of this same old game

Bitter ties on this loose end

Climbing, struggling to be set free

This wasn’t how it was meant to be

Longing, yearning to get it right

Being shot down with all my might

Rejection is my middle name

Loneliness is an old friend

Tired of this same old game

Bitter ties on this loose end

MY mewzak...ME, moi

I've never really promoted myself, but I finally figured out how to get my only 3 recorded songs onto youtube. I put them on myspace a few years ago and later made a facebook page. I'll put links to those on here. I've just recently been trying to get myself back out there a bit. I managed to get back onstage at open mic night about a month ago for the first time in years. I've got a handful of other original songs that I'd like to get on the internet eventually. I attempted recording with my webcam but it didn't work well, the sound was very delayed for some reason. So for now I can't record anything else to share, but maybe at some point I'll get some kind of music software or something so I can actually do a little something on my own. So as usual, look, listen and love!

Mewzak on myspace

Mewzak on facebook