Monday, February 20, 2012

Filter: Tour, VIP stuff, NAMM! Cranberries: New album "Roses," Tour!

Richard Patrick with his new Schecter Guitar "Rosie"
I'm getting to see Filter AGAIN! I've never been to Atlantic City and it seemed like a nice weekend getaway since the show is on a Saturday night. I'm getting excited because it's getting close! I also just got my own Flipshare camera (won't have to borrow a friend's this time haha), so hopefully I can get some good video of the concert. And...I'm doing the VIP package, so that's going to be even more fun! Check out the other tour dates and the link to get VIP and Roadie for a Day packages!

Filter's March Tour Dates:

3/1/12 Wally's Pub, Hampton Beach, NH

3/2/12 Wolf Den @ Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT

3/3/12 Boston Billiard Club, Nashua, NH

3/4/12 Mulcahey's, Wantagh, NY

3/6/12 Jillian's, Albany, NY

3/7/12 Showcase Live, Foxborough, MA

3/8/12 Gramercy Theatre, NYC

3/9/12 Station 7 Live, Laurel, DE

3/10/12 The Showboat, Atlantic City, NJ

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My friend heard an interview with Nicolas Cage on the Opie & Anthony show, and shared this audio clip with me. I used it and threw it up on youtube. 

Someone got a video of "The Take" on Shiprocked and at :35 Rich touches my hand and says, "What's up Kristen." It's very subtle and quick, but I remember it hehe. And I love when he says, "Dag nabbit!" Haha, there was no cussing allowed on the deck stage.

Nice, subtle pic Rich shared of him recording the new Filter album!

Some vids from NAMM:

Here's a very interesting short film Filter made as an enhanced feature on the Amalgamut CD. I think mine has gotten too scratched up for a computer to read the enhanced stuff anymore...

The Cranberries

Another one of my favorite bands, The Cranberries, is coming out with a new album "Roses" on February 28. They are also touring and will be coming near me in May! I already got my ticket. I've only seen them once, back in 1999, and they were amazing. That was a big pavilion show, this is a club show. So I'm excited that I might be able to get close to the stage. Dolores O'Riordan is my favorite female singer.