Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Letter to Rolling Stone for Filter Cover Petition

Rolling Stone, how can you say no to THIS?! If I've got nothing else, I at least have passion and the nerve to pursue! You can't stop me! And YOU can participate too!

Hey everyone, I just emailed this to Rolling Stone. Our event page expires tomorrow and I wish we'd gotten more people but we gave it 4 months so I think it's time to bite the bullet! It would be great if you'd also send even just a short note to them too in support of the band! The email address is

Dear Editors of Rolling Stone,

Back in August a small coalition of Filter Fans organized a petition on facebook for fans to "sign" or "attend" in support of getting Filter on the cover of your magazine. You can also read the comments on the page. You can see the event page here:

I myself am a loyal fan of the band and in today's struggling music industry, I feel we have to work harder and harder to get our favorite bands noticed. Most people only know Filter for their hits, "Hey Man, Nice Shot" and "Take A Picture." It would be nice to get a decent feature article on them about their latest album, "The Trouble with Angels" and touring, or especially an interview with Richard Patrick.

The formation and history of Filter is interesting, stemming from Nine Inch Nails to going platinum as Filter. Richard Patrick’s progressing personal story of battling alcoholism to his family life now, is also a major human interest story. They have performed for the troops in the Middle East and Filter puts on one of the most raw, impressive rock concerts in rock history. You can ask anyone who has seen them live and I assure you the feedback will be positive.

We got 325 people to support our petition but here are other fan stats for Filter:
51,340 facebook fans
51,939 myspace friends
1,795 followers on twitter

That all adds up to potentially 105,399 readers who will purchase an issue of Rolling Stone with Filter on the cover.

I’m familiar with media. I’m going on 10 years working in the advertising department of a local newspaper, The Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We have about 50,000 daily circulation. So I understand the value of readership and single copy sales. How can you turn down such an opportunity in today’s market? The music business has been struggling as well as the journalism business. I am very passionate about music journalism in general and I get tired of mainstream features on artists that stemmed from the likes of American Idol. Let’s put an awesome band on that cover!

Here are links for references:

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kristen Hatch

Sunday, December 12, 2010

FILTER: "No Love" breaks 100,000 views, upcoming Lopez Tonight appearance, etc.

This week Filter's No Love video broke 100,000 views on youtube! They're headed to Germany for a festival next weekend and scheduled to perform on Lopez Tonight on TBS Dec. 23rd! Be sure to catch it! I know I'm very excited about seeing them on TV again for the first time in years! And rumor has it that there will be some more tour dates coming up in January and formal announcements yet as to where they will be but I'M hopeful. A Filter show is MY Christmas wish!

Enjoy some links and vids! Look, listen and love!

Crusher Magazine Interview

Info about Germany show Dec. 18

May the Rock Be With You Interview

Richard Patrick with Camp Freddy

Oregon Music News article

Sacramento Press concert review

Take A Picture live

Sacramento Press Q&A

Ecce Video concert review

Filter's Favorite Tour Songs Station

Noisecreep No Love article

Cubby Bear concert review

Spin It Loud interview

Hightower and Jones concert review

Caught in the Carousel album review

NIN Live: 1989-1991 from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.
 from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Monday, December 6, 2010



Motivation, ambition, where are you?

I lost you somewhere along the way

Rejection, submission, become familiar

I know you are here to stay

Rejection is my middle name

Loneliness is an old friend

Tired of this same old game

Bitter ties on this loose end

Starting projects I can’t finish

Inspiration seems to diminish

Fighting with myself again

The fight I never seem to win

Rejection is my middle name

Loneliness is an old friend

Tired of this same old game

Bitter ties on this loose end

Climbing, struggling to be set free

This wasn’t how it was meant to be

Longing, yearning to get it right

Being shot down with all my might

Rejection is my middle name

Loneliness is an old friend

Tired of this same old game

Bitter ties on this loose end

MY mewzak...ME, moi

I've never really promoted myself, but I finally figured out how to get my only 3 recorded songs onto youtube. I put them on myspace a few years ago and later made a facebook page. I'll put links to those on here. I've just recently been trying to get myself back out there a bit. I managed to get back onstage at open mic night about a month ago for the first time in years. I've got a handful of other original songs that I'd like to get on the internet eventually. I attempted recording with my webcam but it didn't work well, the sound was very delayed for some reason. So for now I can't record anything else to share, but maybe at some point I'll get some kind of music software or something so I can actually do a little something on my own. So as usual, look, listen and love!

Mewzak on myspace

Mewzak on facebook

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Filter Family, Call to DC/VA Filter Fans, NO LOVE Video/Tour, and more...

Photo by Jason Tatty Tatman

I've fallen a bit behind with my Filter updates, so this blog will be chock full!

First off, I want to give a shout out to my Filter Family! It's been about a year now since Filter started teasing us with youtube clips for the new album, and over that year I've become facebook friends with not only Richard Patrick himself, but also quite a network of fellow Filter fans! I feel like I've connected with some very interesting, great people through one of my favorite bands. The No Love Tour that's going on now, is awesome proof of the connection between us all! I've seen personal pics and videos from fans at the concerts as they go from state to state and I think it's really cool that we're able to kind of follow the tour through the eyes of each other.

I have to give a special shout out to Jason "Tatty" because he's one of the most hardcore Filter fans I've chatted with, and he has had the amazing opportunity to follow the guys for several shows. His daily updates are more entertaining to me than any stupid reality TV shows!

I love all my Filter Friends and I wish we could all meet each other at one massive Filter concert and rock out! But on that note, I do want to make a Call to Arms, so to speak, for any of my Filter Fans in the DC/VA area. So far Filter has not toured the east coast since the first time I got to see them in 2008. I want them back! And I know some of you do too! We need to promote them and back our boys as best as we can to get them here! It's all about promo! We all know how free downloading and mainstream music robs the real talent nowadays, so we've got to support our band! The best way we can do that right now is to request the new songs on the radio. You can also share stuff on social networks like me! Keep posting videos and interviews and everything all over facebook, myspace and twitter, etc.

Here is contact info for 3 local alternative radio stations. There's DC and two in Richmond. I figure it can't hurt to push it in Richmond too since it's close. If you know of any others please share them with me or in a comment on this blog. Request the new single, "No Love" and the first single, "The Inevitable Relapse," and mention to the stations that we have a gang of local Filter Fans who want them to tour here! I'll also list a few venues if you want to try putting a bug in their ears as well.

More NO LOVE Tour Dates:

11/4/10 The Machine Shop Detroit, MI

11/5/10 The Intersection Grand Rapids, MI

11/6/10 The Cubby Bear Chicago, IL

11/9/10 People's Court Des Moines, IA

11/11/10 The Venue Fargo, ND

11/12/10 Station 4 St. Paul, MN

11/14/10 The Summit Music Hall Denver

11/16/10 Vertigo Salt Lake City

11/19/10 The Alley Reno

11/20/10 Berbati's Pan Portland

11/22/10 Harlows Sacramento

11/23/10 Starline Fresno

See for tour info and the store for a tour edition tshirt! Be sure to hang out after the show because the guys have been hanging around to meet the fans and do autographs!

"No Love" Video featuring Carmen Electra!

Filter "No Love" Video Premiere/Acoustic Performances on Noisecreep

E! No Love Teaser featuring Carmen Electra

Submit your Filter concert videos here!

FILTER: Iraq Scene Of The Crime - Part 1

FILTER: Iraq Scene Of The Crime - Part 2

FILTER: Iraq Scene Of The Crime - Part 3

52 Weeks of Cleveland Concert Review

Live from Music City audio interview

mlive article

Nashville Concert Announcement

Revolution Room Concert Review

Uber Rock CD Review

Chicago Concert Review

Sonic Abuse Interview

Patriotism Photos from Iraq

Hard Rock Hideout Interview Interview

Muen Magazine Interview

Filter Fan Concert Reviews on Ticketmaster

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Filter: Fades, Tour, and more little tidbits

Filter released "Fades Like A Photograph" as their first single in Europe. Up next, "No Love!"

I made a few still shots from the video hehe.

Here you can clearly see both extremely contrasting sides of Richard Patrick.
Soft/hard, light/dark, good/evil, yin/yang.

Filter Tour Dates: See for details. (I still have my fingers crossed for some VA dates soon!)

10/22 Dallas Palladium

10/23 Houston Buzzfest-Cynthia Woods Pavillion

10/24 Tyler, TX The Venue at Down Under

10/26 Fayettville, AR Majestic

10/27 Little Rock, AR Rev Room

10/29 Knoxville, TN Valarium

10/31 Chatanooga, TN Rhythm & Brews

11/1 Nashville, TN Exit/In

11/2 Cleveland, OH The Grog Shop

11/4 Detroit, MI The Machine Shop

11/6 Chicago, IL The Cubby Bear
My autographed record and keychain!

"No Love" video shoot announcement
Reflections of Darkness interview
Review/Pics of Filter show in Iraq
Pics from Filter concert in Balad album review
Reflections of Darkness album review
Sound Sphere interview Sunset Strip coverage
Nuclear Blast Filter store
Germany RP Interview part 1
Germany RP Interview part 2
Germany RP Interview part 3
Germany RP Interview part 4

Friday, October 8, 2010

2009 Flashback: U2 Concert, Bono said Fredericksburg

I was reminiscing about one of my all-time favorite bands, U2. I finally got the amazing experience of seeing them in concert right around this time last year. I remembered I wrote a funny little story of my concert experience, so I thought I'd do a little flashback here and share it on my blog! Enjoy!

U2 Concert: Bono said Fredericksburg (October 2, 2009)

Yes, Stacey and I went to see U2 play in Charlottesville and Bono knew we were there haha. There was this whole spaceship theme b/c of their outrageously cool stage setup that resembled a spaceship or UFO. And maybe 3rd song into the show Bono was saying how they built the spaceship to travel to many different places and randomly said "VRE Fredericksburg." Stacey and I "Woo"ed like maniacs and surrounding concertgoers probably thought we were nuts haha. And then I had my own personal second "Woo" moment when Bono was talking about the band members. Since we were at UVA he was saying what they were in college, and how if they hadn't started U2 The Edge would still be in a lab, Larry (the drummer) was a jock, and Adam the bass player was apparently a ladies' man and Bono said the reason Adam said he played bass is b/c "girls love bass." And I squealed haha and Stacey laughed at me. Oh yeah, and Bono was a college dropout hehe.

So more details...first of all we only saw the last song Muse played haha but I heard the 3 songs that I knew from outside the stadium during our 2-mile hike from the cash parking lot haha. I was glad we didn't have any trouble getting parking though. Our seats were almost at the top of the stadium so seeing the band up close was not an option ha, but I expected that b/c we got the cheaper price range of tickets. And the 360 stage was awesome and made up for it. We could see everything on the circular screen that was in the middle of the spaceship-like thing. Stacey will give me her pics later so you can see this crazy thing. And they also had a circle shaped catwalk around the stage so they could go around closer to the audience. If I could have afforded the tickets for down there I'm sure that would have been awesome. Plus it was kind of nice b/c there still open seats where we were so we had plenty of room to lounge instead of being packed in like sardines. Oh yeah and a moth flew up my pants haha. Stacey thought I was imagining it b/c I thought something was crawling up my leg but then it would stop. Then it got above my knee and I was like ok, something is in my pants seriously! So I rolled up my pants leg and a moth flew out. Just another highlight of the night haha.

The only songs they didn't play that I would have liked to hear were "Desire" and "Pride In the Name of Love." They played all the other great ones and some new ones. I have to say they did a good job of mixing up the songs to cover some from all their eras. I was pleased. "Where the Streets Have No Name" hit a heart string with me for some reason. But Bono also led into that song with "Amazing Grace" so I think that build up and then going into that awesome guitar anthem of "Streets" just hit me. And then of course, "With or Without You." I was in the zone during that one haha. And he had this crazy mic during that song that looking like a steering wheel with a mic in the center and it had rope lights going around it and it was hanging from the ceiling. He even held onto it once and spun around in the air. And during that one he also had lights hooked up to his leather jacket. That stage screen was really cool for visual effects too. For most of the show it was just at the top in the middle above them showing them up close and random effects like a normal concert. But then it expanded down and enclosed the stage and it was projecting them from inside onto the screen with added effects. It's hard to describe but it was really cool. And the frame of the stage was 4 huge legs that looked like an alien creature's legs or something and on top was a rocket-looking thing that had lights and stuff all over it too. That also changed along with the other visual effects. The stage also rotated where they were so they faced every angle of the crowd at different points. It was definitely the most innovative stage setup I've ever seen.

And Stacey made me laugh b/c at one point she said, "I don't think I realized how crazy Bono really is." Everyone knows his lovey-dovey persona and his reputation for trying to change the world, but witnessing it first hand it was kind of funny. They had some revolutionary moments incorporated into the video excerpts inbetween songs and one song they did a whole feature on this woman in Burma who's been on house arrest so she won't get elected into some political position. (Sorry I forgot her name and all the details Bono). I don't have a problem with all of that, I know some people get annoyed by that stuff. I personally found Bono's hippy ramblings entertaining. I mean he sounded like he was tripping on something the whole time haha. Tripping on love I guess. But I have personally always thought of Bono as someone I'd like to give a big hug if I ever met him ha. He just seems like such a good soul. And I've always loved his lyrics, obviously from posting them on my status all week. What was funny is before they even started we were looking at that crazy stage and I said it looked like a spaceship or rocket or something (we didn't know the theme beforehand). And I was like, ya know, Bono could be an alien. So Stacey and I have decided that Bono might well be an alien haha, and after witnessing him in person it only confirmed that theory even more.

I think that's all I have to say. If I had to describe experiencing U2 in concert in one word it would be SURREAL. That's how I felt from start to finish of their performance. Between the sound of their music and all the visual stimulation, it felt like I was tripping with Bono on all that lovey-dovieness too haha. I was right there with him. Oh and one more point, Bono is the frontman so he gets the most attention but I love U2 for the whole band. Adam Clayton has made some of my favorite bass lines EVER, The Edge's guitarness just speaks for itself, and you can ask Stacey about my steering wheel drumming along with Larry on my CDs in the car when we were waiting in line to get into the show haha. I really love this band and sharing an evening with them was a thrilling lifetime experience for me. I LOVE U2!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Taste of West London

If you're like me, it's hard to find NEW bands out there who really catch your ear. A few days ago I had one of those rare moments of listening to the radio and hearing a new song by a new band that amazed me. I've been known to call the radio station before to find out the source of a song I don't know, but it's been a long time. I broke down and did that the other day.

DC101, one of the best radio stations closest to my vicinity, played "Little Lion Man" by Mumford & Sons. It sounded Irish to me, but after doing online research, I discovered that they are from West London. I then found several videos on youtube, which are below.

I will be buying their CD from and they are touring the U.S. soon. I unfortunately did not see any dates near me, but I'd love to catch them sometime. My description of their sound is Coldplay meets Dropkick Murphys.

So look, listen, love!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This time, it's personal...

I've been thinking a lot lately ("dangerous pastime, I know" to quote Beauty and the Beast haha). I've realized that my social life is lacking and 50% of it is my own doing. I think I've become more timid as I've grown up. I used to be so much more bold. I would go to a local concert and think nothing of it. I was there for the music and ignored any social awkwardness.

As years have progressed in my life, so have betrayals, criticisms, negativity...After much self-analysis, I've come to the conclusion that as a form of self-defense and preservation, my instincts have been to avoid such things. The way to avoid them has been to cut myself off from those places and people in which hurtful events have occurred. This town isn't super small, but it's small enough that you can run into ghosts from your past pretty easily.

But in an attempt to get myself out of a recent slump, and with the much-needed encouragement of a friend, I did take one chance last week. I went to a drum circle, in a place where a previous heart breaker of mine used to practice with his band. I was hesitant to go there because of the memories that building held for me. But it's a stupid building. His band no longer practices there, that band is no longer together. The building is owned by different people and houses a business. But for that stupid reason, I was afraid to go in there. I was afraid to face any memories it might stir up in me.

But I finally broke down and did it because I really wanted to try this drum circle. I played drums in high school marching band and it was the most fun part of high school for me. I haven't played drums in TEN years and I forgot how good it made me feel. In this drum circle, you just beat fairly simple, repetitive rhythms on a djembe of your choice from the shop with your hands. I did it for two straight hours. My hands were numb but I didn't care.

That experience made me realize something huge. I have been avoiding going out in the local music scene to protect myself. But in doing so, I've been eliminating one of the things in my life that brings me the most happiness. I have a bass guitar closed up in a case that I haven't touched in years. I used to go play and sing at open mic nights. It was one of the most courageous, emotional things I have ever done in my life. And I've been neglecting it.

Sure, there are a few other factors, working, trying to pay bills, daily stress...Sometimes at the end of the day, I just want to come home and relax, or I can't afford to go out. But I could still go "some"times. I don't have to go every night, or even every week, but a few times a month would even be an improvement. So that's a personal goal for me. I need to bring music back into my life.

Another one of my positive endeavors is writing. I have slightly gotten back into that from starting this blog, to writing a music review for the paper, to recently writing in a journal again. Just writing personal stuff like this is good for me. I think it helps me gather my thoughts and deal with problems better.

Now I'm going to do a positive exercise for myself. I feel like my self-esteem has lowered, and some of that is because I've listened to the negativity of others in my past. I need to let go of their dumb criticisms of me and focus on compliments I've received.

To keep this simple, I'm going to state some physical compliments I've gotten from people in my life. Maybe another time I'll focus on other things. The physical features I have been complimented on the most often, are my hair and my boobs. The funny thing is, it's usually females that bring up those two points the most (no pun intended). But envy is probably a high compliment when you think about it.

A lot of women have envied my natural hair color and also the softness of my hair. Then I've gone and dyed it shades of red and purple at times haha! And the boobs, well that's pretty evident. But to any smaller-chested, envious women out there, I would gladly share some with you. I actually wish they were at least a cup-size smaller! So don't be too envious! Don't envy neck, shoulder and back pain, paying an arm and a leg for decent bras (which you have to order online because your size is never in stock in stores), OR the stereotypes that come along with having BOTH blonde hair and big boobs. But I was going to keep this positive...So, I do like my hair and my boobs. There we go.

A few other positive physical traits of mine are my smile and my eyes. I don't know if giggle is considered a physical trait, but I have been complimented plenty of times by both males and females, on my cute giggle. I've been told by both guys and gals, that I have beautiful eyes. And I've been complimented on my smile the most often by men. The funniest physical compliment I think I've ever received, was the one time a guy told me that I had hips like an underwear model. I still find it hilarious, because I in no way look like any type of model! But I guess I do have very sharp angles to my hips, and that's what he meant. Just don't look for me in any underwear ads because that will never happen!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

FILTER! Me on the Radio, LOTS of Videos, etc.

I've been waiting to do another Filter update so I could share this with everyone! I got the pleasure of talking to Filter on the radio and now you can listen to it! If you're a diehard Filter fan, you can listen to the whole 90-minute show. You can hear me call in right around the 45-minute mark. I just want to point out that it was 2 a.m. my time, so I was half awake and also nervous to actually speak with Richard Patrick! And I've always been known for my giggle, but wow, I giggle a lot hahaha. It's funny when you go back and listen to yourself...But anyway, I'm calling it my 3 minutes of fame. The guys were super nice to me and it was definitely a fun moment for me!

Another few updates, Filter is currently in Kuwait to perform for the troops. Also, yesterday evening I heard they were at Dulles airport for a short while to change planes. So they were only about an hour drive away from me! Unfortunately there was no on-the-spot, personal Filter concert on the tarmac haha.

Oh and they shot a video for "Fades Like a Photograph" to be released as the first European single. Then when they return from Kuwait, they are supposed to be shooting a video for the second US single, "No Love."

I want to give a special shout out to Lauren here. She not only referred to me in her awesomely written Filter article (I was one of the fans discussing religion on Richard Patrick's facebook wall), but she also gave me a personal shout out again later for supporting music. I think she is a very talented chic and a very genuine person. We may even have an idea of a future project together someday...
Defy Authority Article by Lauren Rothman

Look, listen, love!

Photo by Harry Reese

Fades Like a Photograph Video Shoot

Mika Fineo

Rob Patterson

Phil Buckman

Richard Patrick
(Not sure about the missing arm, but I'm thinking he's fading like a photograph, similar to Back to the Future)


The Phenomenologists Filter Fan Page

Music Review album review

The Aquarian Interview

Frantikmag Interview

Music Review Interview

Losanjealous Roxy Concert Review

Mars Attacks Interview


Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Filter Review Online, RP Live Radio Tonight, Lots of Videos!

Lots of videos of recent concerts and interviews. Check 'em all out!

I am also very proud to announce that MY Filter review of The Trouble with Angels got posted on! It's been eight years since I tried to write and submit any musical journalistic pursuits. So, not only am I happy to spread the word about one of my favorite bands, but I'm happy to pursue probably my greatest talent in life. It's great to be encouraged and complimented by friends, family, complete strangers, and Richard Patrick himself, on my writing. Maybe that will inspire me to keep it up! You can check it out here!
Kristen's Filter Review

Richard Patrick will be on live radio TONIGHT at 10 p.m. PST talking with the Suicide Girls. Listen live or if you miss it, check out the podcast


NY Concert Review by All Knowing Force

Awesome 2009 Photos by Tim Szczesniak

Filter featured on Limewire

Filter in Q101 Studio

Metal Buzz album review

Suicide Girls Interview with Richard Patrick
Concert Review at The Roxy Sunset Strip Music Festival by All Knowing Force

LA Weekly Interview

LP33 TV Interview

Lots of Videos!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Birthday and Filter CD Release Week! Chock full of stuff!

It's been an exciting week! I had a birthday and the new Filter CD came out! I have a lot of fun things to share!

First off (I hope he doesn't mind me broadcasting this haha), the highlight of my birthday regarding Filter, was the sweet little birthday message I got from Richard Patrick himself! I feel very special that he took the time to do that, despite playing a gig in Connecticut that night and traveling on the road. I was originally hoping for a local Filter concert near my birthday, but that made up for it haha.

I also heard through the grapevine that in addition to "Under," they also brought back "The Best Things" to add to the show setlist! I'm excited about that b/c those are two of the older songs I requested along with some other fans. I hope I get to hear them both live too!

Look, listen, love...

I think I deciphered the lyrics to my fave song off the new album. Correct me if I messed up any of them! I really love this song. I still can't get over the fact that it was written from Saddam Hussein's point of view before being captured. So strange, and turned into possibly the most beautiful Filter song so far in my opinion. ♥! Of course, it also features my favorite version of RP's singing voice, similar to "Only You" and "Miss Blue." I've always liked the abstract ending songs on the albums, but this one is like the perfect one.

“Plume” by Filter

In my desert
Top of my throne
King of what hurts
I sit here alone
Look at the black plume
As I wait here for you

Only the lonely
Only the lonely will hide
Only the lonely
Only the lonely will die

Pictures of myself
Were all taken down
Statues have crumbled
It’s just you all around
I’m here in my sandbox
My cage is unlocked

Only the lonely
Only the lonely will hide
Only the lonely
Only the lonely will die...

Lots of Picatures!

My Filter CD with awesome artwork and poster!

Back of my Filter shirt!

My awesome bday message from RP! Made me SO happy! :)

Filter in NY! Photo by Jason "Tatty"

RP's shot of NYC.

Filter Pics of Filter Pics...get it?

Rob Patterson's getting intimate.

Mika Fineo at MTV Radio!

The Filter bus! Let's tail it!

LOTS of videos!

I can't believe they did this song acoustic! Now it's time for a Filter Unplugged concert! I like how they're trying not to laugh, like they're thinking, "How are we gonna do this?" But they totally pull it off! Mika needs some bongos or something though haha.

This song is appropriate for a birthday I suppose heh. I might like this version even more than the previous two recorded versions!

Ok, I'm considering this my bday present from Filter hehe. Perfect ending to my birthday. :) Thanks guys! Now, if I can just get a live concert here soon...

Great performance, be sure to watch the end. It's funny, but don't hurt my RP!

A clip from the Filter guys being wacky in New York!

EF's 4-part Interview with Richard Patrick!

Some linkies:

Live Metal Net Interview

Rock Edition Interview

The Recorder Interview