Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Filter Review Online, RP Live Radio Tonight, Lots of Videos!

Lots of videos of recent concerts and interviews. Check 'em all out!

I am also very proud to announce that MY Filter review of The Trouble with Angels got posted on! It's been eight years since I tried to write and submit any musical journalistic pursuits. So, not only am I happy to spread the word about one of my favorite bands, but I'm happy to pursue probably my greatest talent in life. It's great to be encouraged and complimented by friends, family, complete strangers, and Richard Patrick himself, on my writing. Maybe that will inspire me to keep it up! You can check it out here!
Kristen's Filter Review

Richard Patrick will be on live radio TONIGHT at 10 p.m. PST talking with the Suicide Girls. Listen live or if you miss it, check out the podcast


NY Concert Review by All Knowing Force

Awesome 2009 Photos by Tim Szczesniak

Filter featured on Limewire

Filter in Q101 Studio

Metal Buzz album review

Suicide Girls Interview with Richard Patrick
Concert Review at The Roxy Sunset Strip Music Festival by All Knowing Force

LA Weekly Interview

LP33 TV Interview

Lots of Videos!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Birthday and Filter CD Release Week! Chock full of stuff!

It's been an exciting week! I had a birthday and the new Filter CD came out! I have a lot of fun things to share!

First off (I hope he doesn't mind me broadcasting this haha), the highlight of my birthday regarding Filter, was the sweet little birthday message I got from Richard Patrick himself! I feel very special that he took the time to do that, despite playing a gig in Connecticut that night and traveling on the road. I was originally hoping for a local Filter concert near my birthday, but that made up for it haha.

I also heard through the grapevine that in addition to "Under," they also brought back "The Best Things" to add to the show setlist! I'm excited about that b/c those are two of the older songs I requested along with some other fans. I hope I get to hear them both live too!

Look, listen, love...

I think I deciphered the lyrics to my fave song off the new album. Correct me if I messed up any of them! I really love this song. I still can't get over the fact that it was written from Saddam Hussein's point of view before being captured. So strange, and turned into possibly the most beautiful Filter song so far in my opinion. ♥! Of course, it also features my favorite version of RP's singing voice, similar to "Only You" and "Miss Blue." I've always liked the abstract ending songs on the albums, but this one is like the perfect one.

“Plume” by Filter

In my desert
Top of my throne
King of what hurts
I sit here alone
Look at the black plume
As I wait here for you

Only the lonely
Only the lonely will hide
Only the lonely
Only the lonely will die

Pictures of myself
Were all taken down
Statues have crumbled
It’s just you all around
I’m here in my sandbox
My cage is unlocked

Only the lonely
Only the lonely will hide
Only the lonely
Only the lonely will die...

Lots of Picatures!

My Filter CD with awesome artwork and poster!

Back of my Filter shirt!

My awesome bday message from RP! Made me SO happy! :)

Filter in NY! Photo by Jason "Tatty"

RP's shot of NYC.

Filter Pics of Filter Pics...get it?

Rob Patterson's getting intimate.

Mika Fineo at MTV Radio!

The Filter bus! Let's tail it!

LOTS of videos!

I can't believe they did this song acoustic! Now it's time for a Filter Unplugged concert! I like how they're trying not to laugh, like they're thinking, "How are we gonna do this?" But they totally pull it off! Mika needs some bongos or something though haha.

This song is appropriate for a birthday I suppose heh. I might like this version even more than the previous two recorded versions!

Ok, I'm considering this my bday present from Filter hehe. Perfect ending to my birthday. :) Thanks guys! Now, if I can just get a live concert here soon...

Great performance, be sure to watch the end. It's funny, but don't hurt my RP!

A clip from the Filter guys being wacky in New York!

EF's 4-part Interview with Richard Patrick!

Some linkies:

Live Metal Net Interview

Rock Edition Interview

The Recorder Interview

Monday, August 16, 2010

FILTER: My Trouble with Angels Review, Petition to Get Filter on the Cover of Rolling Stone, and More!

Filter's 5th album comes out TOMORROW! But you can get a free sneak listen RIGHT NOW at AOL!

I listened and here is my review:

Filter—The Trouble with Angels

Review by mewzak/Kristen

Richard Patrick takes listeners on a wild ride through his life. This album almost feels like an autobiography, starting with his young, addicted days through broken-hearted relationships, to questioning life, the unknown, and the world around us.

“The Inevitable Relapse” winds up the album then pounds guitar and drums into you while describing Richard Patrick’s addiction to drugs or “love” as he says. The drum and guitar breakdown sounds like signature Filter. Richard’s scream of “When I wake up” is a highlight of the song. And it ends with the Filter trademark sound of guitar string scratching.

“Drug Boy” is the most hardcore song on the album. It never lets you rest, just pummels you with thrashing guitars and a chanting chorus. Each verse begins with only drums and vocals, then it builds up to a multi-faceted chorus consisting of one of the most catchy guitar riffs, accompanied by the longest background scream ever done by Richard Patrick, topped off with the chanting chorus of “Drug boy loves the night.” It captures the chaos and debauchery of his youthful days.

“Absentee Father” starts off with a great scream. The growling verse and guitar riffs remind me of Alice in Chains. At the end of the song he screams again, leading you into the most abstract guitar solo ever heard, pushing the boundaries of all sensible music theory.

“No Love” enters with drums, then breaks in with a head-banging/fist-pumping guitar riff. Like a love/hate relationship, Richard Patrick’s voice smoothly coaxes in the verse then breaks into painful screaming in the chorus. This song feels the most like a rock anthem compared to the rest of the songs.

“No Re-entry” consists of a gentle, almost skipping drum beat, with poetic, melodic vocals. Layers and layers of sound evoke layers and layers of emotion. The instrumental mid-section is beautiful. This is definitely the most emotional song on the album.

“Down With Me” slaps you awake after the softness of No Re-entry. This song sounds more industrial and the vocal effect used during the verse actually reminds me of Duran Duran in a strange way. The guitar solo is unique Richard Patrick-style. The lyrics are extremely dark throughout and the scream of “then no one will” is very dynamic at the end.

“Catch a Falling Knife” feels the darkest. A distorted guitar intro fades into a murky bass line and Richard’s dark vocals narrate his interpretation of Jaycee Dugard’s situation. There is more bass dominance during the verse and ending, counteracted by grinding guitars leading up to the chorus. This is the most dynamic song on the album.

“The Trouble with Angels” opens with another blaring guitar riff, then quickly drops into very low vocals. The dark intro and drum style are reminiscent of “Cancer.” Lyrically, Richard continues an ongoing theme from all of his albums, his questioning of religion versus science. This ends with powerful guitar riffs to screaming “The sky is falling down.”

“Clouds” starts off with a great drum and guitar intro, then transitions to softer, higher singing. The verse style is similar to U2, but then it builds into a screaming chorus. It’s topped off with another wailing guitar solo. This is one my favorite tracks on the album.

“Fades Like a Photograph” starts with beautiful piano then transcends to a surreal electronic chorus. The background music actually reminds me of Enya. This new version fits the atmosphere of the song much better than its predecessor on the “2012” soundtrack.

The one thing I found lacking for me personally, was a true shocking moment, which I’ve found on each preceding Filter album at first listen. This is definitely an overall enthralling album, exploring vast aspects of Richard’s personal life and the world around us.

I’m still anxiously awaiting the bonus tracks on the deluxe version. After watching/hearing the “Plume” teaser video, I think that song has a possibility of being my favorite. And with an 8-minute time listed on, it’s bound to be one of his brilliant ending abstract tracks that has also become a Filter signature.

Another fan and I started a petition on facebook to get Filter on the cover of Rolling Stone. Please go here and "Attend" or comment to support it! Once we get a good turnout, I will email the page to Rolling Stone.
Petition to Get FILTER on the Cover of Rolling Stone!
Get eXposed album review
Filter's revamped myspace page!
All the goodies that come with the deluxe version of the album!
Available from or at Best Buy August 17!

Another TPR Interview


Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Filter songs/updates and My Own Filter Flashback (blog within a blog hehe)

Filter's new album The Trouble with Angels hits stores on TUESDAY, August 17! In anticipation, Richard Patrick has been awesome and posted 3 more song previews and a free download of one of the bonus tracks from the deluxe album. I've read several people who were surprised over this, but I want to point out that he also did this before the last album, back when myspace was the cool place to be.
That reminded me of my blog on myspace, which I used to post on all the time. So after all this fun stuff for you to enjoy, new songs, video interviews, etc., you can read my own personal Filter Flashback of old blog entires I made regarding Filter! So, in one way I am defending myself against any accusations of a recent Filter obsession, and in another way, I am revealing that my fandom goes much deeper than you may have thought! Look, listen, love. ;^p

Here's a pic I made from the "Plume" teaser video, which you can see in my previous post. After making this I thought it looked like Filter was coming out of Richard's head, then I thought, well Filter DOES come out of his head! So I have nicknamed this pic "Filterhead."



New Song "My Life Before" Listen/Download
If any of the songs don't play, you can also listen at

TPR Interview



Tap Interview
All Knowing Force audio interview
All Knowing Force album review
Rock and Pop's Review of The Trouble with Angels
RP's shot of London during his recent visit.

RP with DJ Alli-Cat from Total Rock Radio

Tour Dates:

8/20/10 Summer Block Party - Hartford, CT

8/21/10 Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY

8/24/10 115 Bourbon Street - Chicago, IL

8/26/10 The Sunset Strip Music Festival at The Roxy West Hollywood, CA

Get ticket info from and a few of these are free shows but you have to get passes!

Ok, now for my Filter Flashback. Enjoy these excerpts from my past blog entries on myspace. Some of them are pretty entertaining to me. Oh and any of these that have links in them are probably inactive now.

Sunday, July 09, 2006 12:59 PM

Angry Music

Current mood: angry

Nothing captures my aggressive streaks like the screaming voice and distorted guitars and thumping percussion of Filter. Thank you Richard Patrick.


Sunday, July 09, 2006 3:29 PM

Filter: One

Category: Music

I tried to add Filter's cover of "One" to my profile, but for some reason it won't play. So I have a different Filter song on there for now. But if you haven't heard this cover, go to Filter's site and listen to it! I added them to my top friends list. This song was on the X-Files movie soundtrack.

And another bit of useless trivia for ya: Richard Patrick (founder and main man of Filter) is Robert Patrick's brother. Who is Robert Patrick you may ask? He took David Duchovney's (how the heck do you spell his name?) place in the X-files series and was the shape-shifting Terminator in Terminator 2.

So it's funny how things connect like that. Richard did a song for the X-Files movie and then his brother later acted on the show.

And Richard Patrick has his own myspace in addition to Filter's myspace. He's one of my fave inspirations as well. :) And check out his pics on there, he's got some awesome photography!


Friday, July 14, 2006 9:09 PM

Break-up Songs

Current mood: rejected

Category: Life

So I'm listening to one of the 2 mixed CDs I made for a certain someone about 2 years ago and I'm listing the songs here. Just b/c I feel like it ok? ;P So if you'd like to join me in my personal torture, listen to some of them too. And I guess be warned if you ever date me, I'll probably make you a mixed CD at some point in our relationship heh. Cuz that's just what I do...

CD 1: "The Beginning" is too happy for me to list at the moment.

CD 2: "The End"

1. "Someone Else Not Me" Duran Duran

2. "Not the Only One" Filter

3. "Looks" Mike Doughty

4. "Touched" VAST

5. "Small Dark Movie" Glen Phillips

6. "Gel" Collective Soul

7. "Return to Innocence" Enigma

8. "Stacked Actors" Foo Fighters

9. "Dance With You" Live

10. "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" Lauryn Hill

11. "Miss Blue" Filter

12. "Strange Effect" Hooverphonics

13. "Please" Mandalay


Friday, July 14, 2006 10:12 PM

ch ch ch changes

Category: MySpace

on my profile, background image courtesy of Richard Patrick, hope he doesn't sue me.


Sunday, December 10, 2006 10:12 AM

one is the loneliest number

I put the Filter cover of that song on my profile. And here's the video for "Take a Picture" just b/c I like this video. :) Richard Patrick is another one of my fave frontmen. Sigh.


This one doesn't really reference Filter, but every time I listen to the opening of "My Long Walk to Jail" it makes me laugh b/c it reminds me of this!

Sunday, February 04, 2007 3:26 AM

Who's calling me from jail?

So, odd thing, this is the second time this has happened to me since I moved out of my parent's house 4 years ago. The first time was awhile back though, can't rememer exactly when. But tonight was the second time. I got home and had a message on my answering machine with that recording saying, "This is a call from a correctional facility, this call may be monitored, blah, blah, blah, press 1 to accept this call..." But I haven't been home either time this happened, so I have no idea who's trying to call me from jail! It's just kinda weird heh. I'm not sure who would be calling me from jail but I guess it could always be one of the few guys I've had "dealings" with ha. Cuz they're all jail material if ya know what I'm sayin. Ha!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 9:27 PM

Cover songs/Richard Patrick/U2 and MORE!

Ok so first of all I'm reposting Richard Patrick's bulletin. GO TO HIS PAGE and listen to his songs. AWESOME! And he did a cover of U2's "Pride" which is one of my fave U2 songs. Richard's voice sounds GREAT in this cover! And I also want to bring this up: I heard REM covering U2's "One" in an acoustic performance once on the radio and I CANNOT find this song ANYWHERE to download. It's been years since I heard it. But these are all some of my fave bands so if anyone knows where I can download that song, let me know! Also, I want to get these songs on Richard's profile to download too but can't find them! Please help me if you can. Now, keep spreading this good music around peeps, repost this junx!

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------

From: Army of Anyone

Date: Apr 4, 2007 4:05 PM
Check out Richard Patrick's personal MySpace Music page for a newly posted Army of Anyone tune--"Leave It"--along with these favorites:
"Pride (in the name of love)" with Flyleaf from FVT 2006

"(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" Filter with Crystal Method

"Jurassitol" Filter from The Crow--City of Angels Soundtrack

"Awakening" The Damning Well from the Underworld Soundtrack
If you're already a friend, leave a comment. If you're not, request a Friend Add!
Richard Patrick's Personal MySpace Music Page


Monday, May 14, 2007 1:52 PM

getting off to...

Whoo, Richard Patrick looks hot in the "Trip Like I Do" video. And I threw in 2 others just for fun. Me and my phases of celebrity crushes...sigh


Saturday, May 26, 2007 11:18 AM

my mind on saturday morning

So far this is a good day. I got to sleep in but woke up in time to get some yummy breakfast from Hardee's. Soon I'm going to take a shower, run a few errands, then go to Stacey's house for her graduation party. Yay for Stace! Then this evening I'm getting my Johnny Depp/Pirates fix. Woohoo! And tomorrow we're going to go down and visit Maria's place in Kilmarnock and go to the beach and probably get a little tipsy hehe. So I'll be back sometime Monday night peeps.
So here are some thoughts that ran through my head this morning. As I was driving to and from Hardee's I realized how much I love downtown Fredericksburg. I've always like it, but so many of the younger crowd thinks it sucks and they want to move away as soon as possible. I know the traffic can suck sometimes in surrounding areas and all the building up can get on your nerves. But actual downtown, I love. It's just cozy. And last night Stacey and I went to dinner downtown and we were walking around for a little bit, it was a nice summer kinda night and I was just thinking, I think I'd be happy here forever. I've thought about moving before, and something drastic, like to California or a Caribbean island. But for now, I've got my little condo right by cozy downtown, and I'm content. So maybe I'll save a drastic move for retirement or something, who knows.
And on another note, listening to an older Filter CD in my car, "Title of Record." I was just thinking about how some bands today really have no vocal talent whatsoever. Richard Patrick of Filter and Army of Anyone can transition between screaming and singing beautifully and vice versa. I love his voice and his lyrics and I think he has true musical talent. But some bands out here like those guys who do "Chop Suey." See they're so bad I choose to forget their band's name. That guy yells for a bit, then when he tries to sing, it sounds horrible! I mean if you want to be a screamer, get another vocalist who can sing and back you up on the melodic parts. Now I know myself, I can sing, but I can't scream. So on the occasions that I do choose to sing in public, I stick to the melodic stuff. If I tried to be a screamer for a rock band, it would be really weak b/c I have a soft voice. So anywayz, kudos to Richard Patrick (been giving him a lot of those lately) and that's my little opinion on singers.
And I'll leave you with a Filter song with some of my fave lyrics:
My favorite line is "And just because they think they won, it just means that the shit has just begun"
"Skinny" by Filter
So here you are in your small little world

Kept up like a little precious virgin girl

To hear 'bout your grace and your silly face

Wrapped up like a knot in a ball of shoelace

And everytime I talk to you

It sounds like you're caught in a psychological flu

Don't ever let them see you cheat

Don't' Ever let them see you bleed

Don't Ever let them shake your hand

Don't ever let them believe that scam


Skinny And it will make you cry


And it will make you lie


And if it makes you soft inside

Skinny At least you will not die

And if you take a good look at them

All caught up in their graciousless win

Every sin is their seamless smile

Will go on for a countless while

And just because they think they won

It just means that the shit has just begun

Don't ever let them see you cheat

Don't ever let them see you beat

Donn't ever let them shake your hand

Don't ever let them believe that scam


Saturday, September 01, 2007 1:08 PM

The funniest movie I’ve ever seen!

Current mood: amused

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Ok, I watched this movie The Marine on Cinemax last night b/c nothing else was on and I felt like killing a few brain cells. I definitely achieved that goal! This was movie wasn't meant to be a comedy, but it so was! Ok first of all, Robert Patrick was the best actor in the whole movie. Let's face it, he plays a convincing badass, everyone has nightmares about him as the T1000 walking around with a school picture of you in his hand. And the only kudos I have to this whole movie is he actually resembled his brother (Richard Patrick, singer of Filter, who I LOVE) the closest I've ever seen in this movie from his actions and appearance and all. So that was a plus. Anywayz...from the beginning this movie was a joke to me. I'm not trying to badmouth our military or anything but come on. First of all, this guy playing "The Marine" was probably 250 lbs. of muscle at least, I mean he had a square body. Ok, being a native Virginian, I've seen plenty of marines around here, NONE of the ones I've seen are nearly that big. They're usually smaller than me! So that just set the atmosphere of the movie for me. On top of that, he goes home to his little ditzy wife and they have this perfect relationship with each other. Ok, cut the crap already. I've known some military wives, yeah, not all that great of a relationship. I won't go into details but I'm sure most people know where I'm going with that. MAIN reason I will never marry a military man. Just saying. So let's see. After I'm laughing at all the ridiculousness of this movie and it's characters, probably the most accurate scene in the entire movie plot is when he gets a day job as a security guard and loses his temper with an irate dude and ends up beating him up and getting fired. Ok, that's actually believable to me. But then my laughing continued b/c his coworker who he worked with on the job for ONE day, somehow had all this insightful advice about not taking life for granted and seeing the good things in life even if he couldn't keep a normal everyday job. To which the super intelligent marine replies, "I'm going to go home and see my wife." PUHleeeeease! So ok my FAVORITE WORST part of this movie is when Robert Patrick and his goons kidnapped the marine's wife and there's a car chase scene and the marine won't let up, ya know of course they can't kill him and unload several automatic weapons at him and never hurt him, blah, blah, blah. And one of the goons ACTUALLY SAYS (I still can't believe this was in the script) "This guy's like the Terminator!" And to make it EVEN BETTER, the camera pauses on Robert Patrick's stern expression for a moment. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life at the amount of stupidity put into a film! So ok, I'm done bashing this movie now. I just could not help myself. There were also of course several unnecessarily huge and unrealistic explosions and action scenarios thrown in there too. I'm all about good action films, but this was just horrible. Again, Robert Patrick was the only halfway decent aspect of the movie b/c he's got a talent for playing a psycho badass. But, sorry buddy, your younger brother is still hotter and more my type haha.


Monday, September 10, 2007 3:11 PM


Category: Music

I bought 3 CDs with my Best Buy gift card I got as a bday present. I got Army of Anyone, Silversun Pickups, and Linkin Park.

I haven't listened to the whole Linkin Park one yet so I'll review that later.

I listened to Army of Anyone a few times through and it's not as severely satisfying as Filter...but Richard Patrick still gives a good vocal performance. I think it's the overall dynamics of the songwriting that's lacking a bit. But it's a good rock-out CD to listen to to just kill the time.

Silversun Pickups may be a new addiction though. I listened to it one time through in the car, and it's stayed in there for at least 3 days now. That's why I haven't listened to Linkin Park yet. They kind of remind me a bit of Sleater Kinney, they have that indie rock sound and basically they're what I would want to sound like if I ever recorded my own album. Great bass lines, great kick drum/snare combinations, nice little guitar riffs and mellow vocals that also randomly scream with emotion. Great album. I recommend this to all listeners.


Friday, November 16, 2007 10:36 AM

Filter! Woohoo!

Category: Music

I'm just excited that there's a new Filter CD being waited on haha. But I thought I'd repost this too so more peeps can add Filter to their friends and keep up with the song requests as well.

P.S. I love Richard Patrick and the fact that I got 3 bulletins about this from each one of his profiles haha. 1 from Filter, 1 from Army of Anyone, and 1 from his personal myspace just for Richard Patrick. And YES, they're ALL on my friends list! ;^P

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------


Date: Nov 16, 2007 7:20 AM
While we're waiting on the NEW FILTER ALBUM, we will periodically ask you, the fans, to choose a Filter song to add to our MySpace profile from Short Bus, Title of Record, The Amalgamut, or the Filter soundtrack songs.
We'll add the Filter Fan Choice song along with lyrics and a few words from Richard Patrick in a blog. We hope you'll enjoy this new feature and PASS IT ON to all of YOUR friends!
This week, we sent out our first request, and the FANS HAVE SPOKEN.
Filter Fan Choice is: "Cancer" from Title of Record. Enjoy--the song, the official lyrics, and a few words from Richard!
ROCKTHEFUCKOUT! And pass it on to your friends!

Saturday, November 17, 2007 11:19 AM

Yeah, it’s my profile song: Cancer by Filter

Current mood: restless

Category: Music

I posted about this yesterday but this morning while I was waking myself up, I decided to listen to the songs on Filter's page and got back in the groove with Richard Patrick heh. And I came across this really hot shot of him in a comment on the Filter page too so I had to share that! But also the lyrics are below and at the bottom is Richard's explanation of this song "Cancer." I personally always liked the dynamic drums at the end of this song myself. So anwayz, you can read and listen and enjoy, as usual. :) Aren't you glad I provide you with such entertainment all the time? Haha, and I CAN'T WAIT for the new album! YEAH! I'm anticipating this and Chester Bennington's solo album at the moment. Antsy, antsy, antsy!

While we're waiting on the NEW FILTER ALBUM, we will periodically ask you, the fans, to choose a Filter song to add to our MySpace profile from:
Short Bus

Title of Record

The Amalgamut, or

the Filter soundtrack songs.
We'll add the Filter Fan Song Choice along with lyrics and a few words from Richard Patrick.
We hope you'll enjoy this new feature and PASS IT ON to all of YOUR friends!

Yesterday, we sent out our first request, and the FANS HAVE SPOKEN.
This week's Filter Fan Song Choice is: "Cancer" from Title of Record.
Enjoy! ROCKTHEFUCKOUT! And pass it on!


Cross the oceans

I cross the seas

I cross the mountains

Like a new disease

I cross the borders

I cross the line

Never to see the light

'Til the end of time

I've seen the canyons

I've seen the cities

I've seen the prisons

That take such pity

When it comes to you

When it comes to me

it's just money that sets you free


Hey my children, what seems important

Won't last forever

Hey my children, what seems important

Won't last forever

Take a look at the Earth

From a plane

You'll see the earth

Cut up and in pain

Take a look at L.A.

From the sky

What you see

Should make you cry

I'm the scum of the Earth

I am a cancer

I am humanity

Chorus (x2)


We are cancer. If you take a look at our planet from an airplane, take a picture of L.A., and compare that picture to a snapshot of cancer, the similarities are startling. Humans have done more damage than good to our planet. When I wrote this song almost ten years ago, the earth was on my mind then. It's still on my mind, now.


Friday, November 30, 2007 10:51 AM


Current mood: ecstatic

Category: Music

Richard Patrick talked to MTV about the new Filter album. It might be coming out as early as March. YES!!! I'm so happy! And his first baby is on the way so send him congrats on that too! I don't know if anyone understands how excited I am about this news haha. I get so pumped about new music from bands I love b/c I know it's gonna be some good sh**. The anticipation builds up until I get the CD in my hands and in my stereo and then I'll hear the wonderful scream of Richard Patrick's voice singing new lyrics and WOO! Haha. I'm glad that he got his personal stuff together and got a new album together. It's funny b/c this article mentions that. And I NEVER doubted that Filter wouldn't come back b/c he never said it was over. I've been waiting for 5 years to hear more and soon I will be satisfied. :^D And if they go on tour anywhere on the East Coast, I'm there b/c Filter is on my "bands I have to see before I die" list haha. Does anyone else have a list like that or am I just crazy? I've actually seen most of the bands on that list. But I still sometimes add more to it, like Linkin Park. They just recently got added to that list and I will most likely be seeing them sometime in the next 3 months. I'm ready for some ROCK!
----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------

From: Richard Patrick

Date: Nov 30, 2007 9:17 AM

Nov 30 2007 7:57 AM EST

Filter Frontman Promises Band's Comeback LP Will Sound Like A 'Heavy U2

Former members of Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson's band contributed to next year's politically charged Anthems for the Damned.
By Chris Harris
The last time Filter — the epic-sounding industrial maelstrom fronted by Richard Patrick — released a new album was more than five years ago, with the band's third studio offering, 2002's The Amalgamut. After that, Patrick spent time sorting out various personal issues and later teamed up with ex-Stone Temple Pilots Dean and Robert DeLeo to form Army of Anyone. That band, now on hiatus, released its self-titled debut last year, and Patrick said he'd love to "do more records with them in the future."
But while many people may have assumed Filter were long dead and very-much buried, Patrick claims that's not the case and never has been. In fact, not once during these last five years has Patrick ever given up .. — instead, he's been working on songs off and on for about four years now. And he thinks the tracks he's come up with — around 25 in all — take Filter's anthemic style to a whole new level.
"I'm not straying from that classic Filter sound," Patrick told MTV News in his first interview since announcing Filter's return earlier this month. "But, because I'm a little older and a little wiser, [the sound has] definitely evolved. The first two or three songs are just straight-up industrial powerhouses, and then it goes into the huge-sounding stuff that people are kind of familiar with."
Patrick said it was playing old Filter material during live sets with Army of Anyone that convinced him that the band had to be resurrected.
"But this is not a comeback," he clarified. "Filter's my legacy. It's just like Al Jourgensen with Ministry. This is something I took very seriously, something I quit Nine Inch Nails to do, and it has allowed me so much freedom as an artist. I would never turn my back on the thing that has always been the &035;1 thing in my life. And the core fans that I have, they're expecting a great record. I knew I'd have to return with the goods, and I'm absolutely convinced that that's what I have with this record."
Titled Anthems for the Damned, Filter's fourth effort could be in stores as soon as late March, Patrick said. The rocker tracked the entire LP in about two weeks, with producer Josh Abraham (Slayer, Velvet Revolver) behind the boards. Patrick also called on several of his musician buddies to assist with Anthems, including ex-Limp Bizkit/ current Black Light Burns guitarist Wes Borland, and hired-gun drummer Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, NIN).
Filter's fourth opus will also feature former Marilyn Manson/ Rob Zombie guitarist John 5, who wrote two of the album's tracks with Patrick and Borland.
"I started mingling with L.A.'s people, and John was someone I've known for years," Patrick explained. "I met him through Manson, and in May, I called him and said, 'Let's do a Filter record,' and he was like, 'Absolutely.' He came over, and we worked a few songs out. With Filter, there's a formula — a structure. There's a certain amount of things you have to know, and John sort of instantly knew what I needed and wanted for the record. It's the magic of collaboration."
Patrick also revealed that Anthems for the Damned is a highly political venture.
"I'm having a look around, as a person, and I look at us humans and I just think, 'What are we going to tell people? How are we going to explain ourselves in 100 years when the planet's f---ed up and you can't repair it?' " said Patrick, who added that he and his wife are expecting their first child, a daughter, in February. "Every song is just so anthemic; it just has this hugeness to it, that I was just like, 'These are anthems for the damned.'
"We are guilty — all of us — between the war in Iraq and the environment," he continued. "We're damned, if we don't fix this. With this record, I'm just throwing my hands up in the air, going, 'I guess we're just going to f--- this sh-- up, and ruin the planet.' It's a little less optimistic and more inspired by frustration and anger toward what we're doing. It comes from a way darker place, and it's heavy — the first three songs are really heavy, and I'm proud of that. I miss that in music. I don't want to pigeonhole myself, but it's almost like a heavy U2 record."


Friday, November 30, 2007 11:46 PM

I’m as giddy as a school girl!

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Category: Music

Ok, I have had one other rockin musician respond to me before in a similar manner, and that was Mike Doughty quite a few years ago by email. I'm sorry, but how cool is it when a REAL rock star actually personally responds to you? Tell me that! Haha. My myspace Inbox was just graced by the presence of a reply message from none other than Richard Patrick HIMSELF and this just adds to my previous excitement I mentioned in my blog this morning! Sigh, a perfect start and a perfect ending to my day. :^D This just makes me be an even MORE loyal fan to rockers like this!
----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: Richard Patrick

Date: Nov 30, 2007 10:26 PM
I will not let you down the new music is awesome!!!
----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: Kristen aka mewzak

Date: Nov 30, 2007 6:34 AM
I'm so EXCITED! :) You've never let me down before, I'm sure this record will ROCK! I never thought you gave up on it, I've been in limbo for the past 5 years awaiting your next Filter album haha. I really hope you follow up the release with a nice tour b/c I've never seen you live. Filter is on my "bands I have to see before I die" list so you can't let me down haha. And congrats on the baby on the way. That's great news.
Much Love! *muah*

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------

From: Richard Patrick

Date: Nov 30, 2007 9:17 AM
Nov 30 2007 7:57 AM EST

Filter Frontman Promises Band's Comeback LP Will Sound Like A 'Heavy U2


Saturday, December 01, 2007 11:43 AM

You’re probably sick of me talking about Richard Patrick but

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I can't help it when he keeps making me SO happy! Haha. Filter has been doing fan request songs on their profile and TODAY they put up the song "Skinny" that I wanted haha. I'm sure other people requested it too b/c it's "supposed" to be a majority vote. But hmm...he DID reply to my message yesterday. Maybe I'm getting special treatment haha, or maybe I just like to think that I am! Either way, Richard Patrick ROCKS! And here's a little paranoia for ya: his wife's name is Christina Marie, and my name is Kristen Marie, how's that for a little freaky?! That's it, I'm packin up, movin to California, and finding me a rockstar to marry! Haha! And if you care, he posted up some new pics and he has beautiful wedding pictures that for some reason I didn't see before. Just look at my previous blog to click on "Richard Patrick" or he's in my top friends too. And then from his profile you can go to Filter if you want or listen to Skinny on my page! :^D


Monday, December 10, 2007 4:27 PM

Music Quiz Yo

Current mood: blah

List 5 musical artists you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the questions below)

1) Linkin Park 2) Filter 3) Incubus 4) Alice in Chains 5) Audioslave

What was the first song you ever heard by 2?

"Hey Man, Nice Shot" their first single

What is your favorite song of 4?

that's a tough call but I'll go with "Nutshell"

What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?

well I just recently really got into Linkin Park, but a few of the songs on their new CD really fit me when my grandma was passing away

What is your favorite lyric of 5?

"To be yourself is all that you can do" so true, so true

How many times have you seen 2 live?

none but I WILL one day when they follow up their CD that comes out in 2008 with a tour!

What is your favorite song by 3?

The Warmth
Is there any song by 3 that makes you sad?

hmm, I don't think so, I remember loving the song "Nice to Know You" when I was going through an angry phase after a heartbreak

How many people have you sung along to number 5 with?

hmm no idea haha, I saw them at Lollapalooza, so however many people were in that crowd!

What is your favorite song by 1?

umm, "Somewhere I Belong"

When did you first get into 2?

when their first CD came out, I've been loyal to Filter all along hehe

Favourite lyric of number 3?

hmm, "You stare at me like I'm a vitamin, on the surface you hate but you know you need me"

How did you get into 4?

umm, I heard their stuff before but about 2 years ago or so now, I swear the radio was playing their songs more often haha, at least when I was listening, and I really felt it, so I ended up buying CDs and getting obsessed with Layne Staley heh

What is your favorite song by 2?

hmm, probably "Skinny" which is my profile song now hehe

How many times have you seen 3 live?

haha 3 times, I saw them for the first time at HFStival in 2001 and I only really knew their hit "Drive", but after seeing them in concert I was hooked, then I saw them at Moby's Area One Festival in 2002 and then again at Lollapalooza in 2003, the first time was the best, I remember that was the first time I heard my fave song by them, "The Warmth" love that bass line

What is a good memory concerning 5?

going to see them at Lollapalooza with my brother, Laura and Paul!

Is there a song that makes you sad by 4?

oh yeah, dude it's Alice in Chains, "Nutshell" is one of them

What is your favorite song of 5?

"Be Yourself" I remember the first time I heard it on the radio in my car, exactly when I needed to hear that song

How did you become a fan of 3?

already said haha, by seeing them at HFStival
Who else do you know of that is a fan of number 5?

umm, my brother and the guy that gave me the heartbreak that the Incubus song "Nice to Know You" helped me with as well as the Audioslave song "Be Yourself" helped me with haha, but yeah actually, I think his interest was originally sparked in me when he heard that I'd seen Audioslave in concert b/c he was jealous, see how important music is?
When was the last time you listened to number 1?

umm 2 days ago

And finally, are you listening to any of these artists now?

I had Linkin Park in my car stereo 2 days ago, then yesterday it was Filter, then today it's Audioslave


What's funny is, I just recently found youtube videos of this haha.

Saturday, December 15, 2007 11:15 AM

Why I need to move to California

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To experience things like this!

Rolling Stone article about Tom Morello's Monster Jam (Richard Patrick)

Source Link

Tom Morello gave an early Christmas present to the 100-plus fans packed into Hollywood's Hotel Café last night. As a send-off for his final gig of the year as the Nightwatchman, the Rage Against the Machine guitarist assembled an eclectic group of music legends that jammed on inspired covers and collaborations for more than four hours.

Morello's weekly appearances at the cozy venue serve as an opportunity to raise money and awareness for his social-action foundation Axis of Justice, which provides aid to the homeless and hungry. The evening began in the normal fashion with Morello playing a handful of acoustic songs. His small set complete, Morello recounted a story about a man with a great voice at a Woody Guthrie tribute. The man turned out to be Academy Award-winning actor Tim Robbins, who then climbed onstage and proved he was worthy of Morello's praise with a solid, albeit lyrically altered rendition of Phil Ochs' classic protest tune "State of Mississippi" and the Christmas staple "Silent Night."

Serj Tankian, who along with Morello co-founded Axis of Justice, next appeared at the piano for two songs, then Switchfoot's John Foreman, rising songwriter Elijah Forrest and Richard Patrick of Filter. It didn't seem realistic when Morello took the microphone at this point and joked that the evening was just getting started, but two and half hours later it was clear he had been dead serious. Moments later Perry Farrell brought his Satellite Party onstage with Morello accompanying on electric guitar to play two songs before closing with a spot-on version of "Jane Says." The evening then slipped into high gear when Morello introduced Alice in Chains which entailed Jerry Cantrell and new singer Will DuVall. The two played a brilliant version of "Nutshell" that was a deft replication of their MTV Unplugged performance and followed with a cover of the Who's "Squeeze Box."

Most of the crowd, already stoked about the incredible lineup, had assumed the Alice in Chains duo was the finale, until Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe slowly emerged to join Morello and the assembled house band for "Dr. Feelgood" and "Girls, Girls, Girls." It was borderline excessive when Slash appeared onstage to help Morello and Cantrell rip through the Thin Lizzy classic "Jailbreak." The evening pressed on with more jamming and a late appearance by Wayne Kramer of MC5 who led the now-supersized group in a spirited version of "Kick Out the Jams."

Almost an hour past midnight Morello called the entire night's lineup back to the stage and introduced Woody Guthrie's definitive American anthem "This Land Is Your Land." Morello, ever articulate and thoughtful, implored the audience to heed Gutherie's poignant lyrics and "grab the wheel of history to reclaim your land." Each verse was sung by a different star with Tim Robbins and Farrell leading and Slash providing intermittent hillbilly-inspired solos. The ensemble rocked out to the revised ballad for more than ten minutes before Morello thanked his gracious guests and the adoring audience for providing an unforgettable night of music.

Richard L. Dewey


Hahaha, any Filter fan knows which song this was!

Saturday, January 05, 2008 12:16 PM

Excuse the profanity

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on my profile song hehe. Richard Patrick told me to do it! Apparently this song was about someone who sued him for something so that's why it's so angry. But I just love the guitar riff and drum beat and of course his screaming vocals in this song hehe. The intro is unforgettable haha.


Monday, February 11, 2008 10:46 AM


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Richard Patrick posted a blog about the latest news on Filter today! The new album is to be released in May and they're going to be playing some shows in California this month to preview the new songs. The first single will be released this month and then they're planning a US tour to follow! Woohoo! They better come near VA!


Monday, February 25, 2008 11:30 PM

Concert Photos of Chester and New Filter Song!

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My "men" are quite busy haha. I stole some pics from this cool dude Funky Flood that I met on the Linkin Park Network, then found on myspace, then actually ran into in the crowd at the show haha which was pretty crazy. Anyway, he's a cool guy who's into some awesome music, most of which I love as well! And he got some good pics at the Linkin Park show. So I stole them from him hehe and am posting them here. I only stole the ones of Chester though. I was on the right side of the stage and much shorter than Funky Flood, so I was about as close to the stage as he was but on the other side and not able to see as well! Here's his profile if you wanna befriend him. He's a cool guy.
And before you get distracted by the eye candy haha, Filter has posted their first new song from the new album! You can go to Filter's myspace or just go to my page and give it a listen hehe. Exciting!


Saturday, February 23, 2008 11:53 PM

CONGRATS to Richard Patrick!

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My man Richard Patrick is a first-time daddy as of today! Yay for his little one! Keep that music legacy goin!

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------


Date: 23/02/2008
WELCOME TO THE FOLD, SLOAN PATRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008 9:42 PM

?Donde esta la musica!

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No habla espanol so I did pretty well there haha. Anyway, the answer is EVERYWHERE! Some of my FAVE artists are coming out with new music lately and it’s exciting for me. Filter’s "Anthems for the Damned" comes out soon, Lenny Kravtiz has been on his "Love Revolution" and I even heard a new REM song on the radio the other day. Craziness. Where has Michael Stipe been hiding?! Haha. I did get to see REM in concert a few years back. And I plan to see Filter sometime when they tour in the area. I think Lenny might hit it up sometime this year too and I’d like to see him. And I think I might be forgetting others but it’s hard to keep up when it seems like my faves are coming out of the woodwork all at the same time. Anyway, I also made my tattoo appointment today hehe. I’m getting my daffodil tat next Tuesday. Pictures will be up so don’t worry. You won’t miss a thing! Oh and check out my sappy Lenny Kravitz profile song. Listen quick cuz you know I change my song all the freakin time. Peace, love and cheerios (really, what’s more satisfying than a bowl of cheerios?).


Wednesday, March 26, 2008 9:15 PM


Current mood: rebellious

I put up pics of my new tattoozle. Check that sh** out!
AND...drum roll please...FILTER IS PLAYING THE 9:30 CLUB ON MAY 29TH!
WHO’S WITH ME?! HUH? WHO’S WITH ME?! Some a you mofos betta go with me haha. I’m PSYCHED! Woo! Bring it Richard Patrick. BRING IT.

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------


Date: 26/03/2008






As they prepare to release their new CD ANTHEMS FOR THE DAMNED May 13via Pulse Recordings, FILTER have announced their first tour in nearly six years. The first leg of this U.S. trek--a mix of headlining shows, radio festivals and special engagements--begins April 24 at Stubb’s in Austin, Texas, to be followed by three June shows overseas in Germany and the U.K. Earlier this month, FILTER made a special appearance for the troops in Kuwait when they performed at the March 10 Operation MySpace concert.

While on tour, FILTER will preview songs from ANTHEMS FOR THE DAMNED alongside such FILTER classics as "Hey Man, Nice Shot," "Take a Picture" and others. ANTHEMS FOR THE DAMNED--produced by Pulse Recording head Josh Abraham--features the first single "Soldiers of Misfortune"; its been one of the most added tracks on the active and alternative radio charts the past two weeks with airplay on stations such as KDGE (Dallas), KTBZ (Houston), Q101 (Chicago), KPNT (St. Louis), WBCN (Boston), KQRC (Kansas City), KXXR (Minneapolis), WEBN (Cincinnati) and WBUZ (Nashvile), to name a few. PATRICK describes the soaring anthem--with its U2/Bowie flavor and stacked backdrop of buzzing electric guitars--as a "sardonic anti-war/pro-troops song." The first-person narrative was inspired by a letter from a FILTER fan who had enlisted in the Army reserves to get his college tuition paid; in his final year of college, he was shipped off to Iraq where he died from a rocket attack and small arms fire after just a few days of duty.

Catch FILTER live at the following shows and look for more tour dates to be announced in the near future.

Also check out www. officialfilter. com/ and http://www. myspace. com/filter1.

Date City Venue

Thu 4/24 Austin, TX Stubb’s

Sat 4/26 Houston, TX KTBZ Buzzfest (The Woodlands)

Sun 4/27 Frisco, TX KDGE Edgefest (Pizza Hut Park)

Thur 5/8 Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Culture Room

Fri 5/9 Jacksonville, FL Metropolitan Park (WPLA Band Camp)

Sat 5/10 Orlando, FL WJRR Early Birthday (Tinker Field)

Sun 5/11 Tampa, FL Rockfest (Raymond James Stadium)

Tue 5/13 New York, NY Mercury Lounge (record release party)

Sat 5/17 Columbus, OH Rock on the Range (Crew Stadium)

Sun 5/18 St. Louis, MO KPNT Pointfest (Verizon Wireless Amp.)

Tue 5/20 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade

Wed 5/21 Charlotte, NC Amos’ South End

Thu 5/22 Charleston, SC The Dive

Sat 5/24 Cincinnati, OH Bogart’s

Sun 5/25 Cleveland, OH House Of Blues

Tue 5/27 Philadelphia, PA The Fillmore at TLA

Thur 5/29 Washington, DC 9:30 Club

Sun 6/1 Boston, MA WBCN’s River Rave (Tweeter Center)

Mon 6/2 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live

International Dates:

Fri 6/6 Nurnburg, Germany MTV Rock in Park

Sun 6/8 Nurnburgring, Germany MTV Rock am Ring

Mon 6/9 London, England Islington Academy


Thursday, April 03, 2008 11:02 PM


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I’m frustrated! Linkin Park is now doing another installment of Project Revolution which is more like a festival style show and Chris Cornell is performing also and they’re coming to Nissan Pavilion in July! The reason I’m frustrated is b/c my friend and I went to so much trouble to get to the show in Baltimore and that venue pretty much sucked in my opinion. Nissan Pavilion is much nicer. So grr! I don’t know if I’ll go again or not. I did also see Chris Cornell perform with Audioslave a few years back so unless my bro wants to go see him I probably won’t make the trip/ticket expense heh. But it still frustrates me! If anyone else wants to go though let me know, I’m still persuadable hehe.
Second of all I’m frustrated about the Filter show I want to go see b/c the band is apparently the only one aware of the performance on May 29th at the 9:30 Club! I can’t find any ticket info ANYWHERE! So grr to that too! I actually just emailed Filter’s management email address from their website to see if I can find out anything b/c I DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!
And last, I might not be quite as frustrated if I’ve figured this out correctly. Chester is supposed to be on Loveline tonight and it says it airs at 10 p.m. PST so if I’m correct then it should be airing on a Richmond station 102.1 at 1 a.m. tonight, or I can also try the live stream thing on the Loveline website if that works. I’ll have to see. So keep your fingers crossed for me on that issue!


Sunday, March 30, 2008 12:39 AM

Filter Concert Anyone?

Category: Music

I’m lookin for peeps to go see Filter with me at the 9:30 club on May 29th! Hit me up!


Thursday, May 01, 2008 10:07 PM

does anyone really read these things?

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More blabbing is due...for those of you who haven't seen it yet, I changed my profile up again. This time it's a cool picture of a solar flare taken by NASA. If you didn't know...they have a website with photos of the day and archives for the past like 5 years. That's a lot of photos! Take a look at 'em some time, they're pretty cool if you're interested in our spacial surroundings.
A little bit more on my last blog...I've been listening to my Ernies CDs A LOT haha. I always go through obsessive phases of listening to certain artists or groups and their music is even more personal to me b/c I actually used to go to their shows and talk to them and sh**. It's made me start reminiscing a lot about how I was between 5-7 years ago. The most important thing to me was catching a concert heh and for the local ones, talking and flirting it up with the bands that I liked haha. Those were some good times and I miss them. Much more carefree and rebellious. Now I worry about paying bills and working and so much other crap all the time. Sometimes I gotta sit back, pull out the photo albums of the cutie musicians I had crushes on back in the day, and remember what's fun to me. Unfortunately in this whole scenario I'm not the only one who got serious and sidetracked with day-to-day tedious life, the local musicians I loved so dearly also have gone in similar directions. Most of them are married with a could of kids and pretty much retired from all that spelunking now heh. Like I said, I miss those days!
Luckily my more mainstream musician crushes are getting things going lately. I get to see Filter soon, on May 29th! I can't freakin wait to hear Richard Patrick's signature scream in person. I KNOW that's going to be a rush for me! WOO! And since he's playing club shows instead of big ass venues, maybe I'll get to meet him or something crazy like that. Oh and I had a funny dream that I went to Chester Bennington's Club Tattoo festival thing in Arizona (which is next week) and got him to autograph my arm then I went and got them to tattoo his autograph on my arm haha. Now THAT'S an idea! Just kidding. Could you imagine if I ended up with all my celebrity crushes autographs tattooed on my body? I'd be covered.
Ok enough nonsense for one night!


Sunday, April 20, 2008 11:47 PM

Richard I come!

Category: Music

WOO! I just bought my Filter tickets. Yippee! I've been checking every few days online for like a month b/c the show wasn't even announced yet on the 9:30 club website and tonight I decided to check again and it was finally there. I was so afraid I'd miss it but I didn't! My transaction is final suckas! I can't wait to rock with my man! :^D I haven't been feelin all that hot the past few days so this is a much needed feel good boost. YEAH. And just a footnote, I'm still able to be persuaded into going to Projekt Revolution at Nissan Pavilion in July if anyone's interested. Anywayz, peace.


Saturday, May 03, 2008 12:49 PM


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Richard Patrick is THE MAN right now haha. Check out the new songs ..'s profile! There are now 3 tracks up from the album that I should be receiving a pre-ordered copy of via mail ON the release date of May 13th! EEK! "The Wake" reminds me of the first album's style "Short Bus," and I am LOVIN that beat in "What's Next." I can't wait to thrash out to that one in the club on May 29th! Woo! MUAH ;^* to Richard Patrick! Keep 'em comin baby!

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------

From: Richard Patrick

Date: May 3, 2008 12:09 PM

A new track from Filter's Anthems for the Damnedwill appear every day on www. myspace. com/filter1 until the release of the highly anticipated album on May 13th.

Yesterday's song was "What's Next.

" Check out today's addition, "The Wake"!


Saturday, May 10, 2008 12:12 AM

Filter and Oil...sounds like I’m talking about a mechanic

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Category: Music

Ok, I'm picturing Richard Patrick with oil dripping all over him...haha. WOO! I'll be watching this video on Yahoo as soon as it airs and my CD has been shipped so I should get that by Tuesday along with my autographed CD booklet. Yay! And soon thereafter I will be seeing Filter in concert!

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------


Date: May 9, 2008 6:16 PM




On "Soldiers of Misfortune"--the first track from FILTER's forthcoming ANTHEMS FOR THE DAMNED CD, due out Tuesday, May 13--frontman RICHARD PATRICK didn't necessarily set out to write a modern day protest song. But when he sat down to develop ideas for the new FILTER record, the war was at the forefront of his mind. And when it came time to create a video for the song, PATRICK collaborated with director Evan Lane to convey the song's sentiments with gritty and powerful images.

"This song is a pro-troops, anti-war song and the video shows how this country is being consumed by its need for oil," says PATRICK.

The new video will premiere exclusively on Yahoo! Music on Monday, May 12 at midnight EDT. The band recently shot the video in Los Angeles before embarking on their tour across the U.S. and Europe.

A bleak and forceful statement about the war, the "Soldiers of Misfortune" clip alternates between live performance visuals of FILTER--with oil dripping over them throughout--and images of American flags, purple hearts and soldiers all being swallowed up and destroyed by oil. Beyond that, viewers see burning money and newspapers with headlines straight off the presses and bloody body parts.

It was created as an homage to "the young men and women serving this country and who are dying in Iraq for a war based on oil" according to PATRICK who recently performed for the troops in Kuwait as part of the Operation MySpace concert (http://www. msopr. com/?q=node/3721).

As they tour the country, FILTER will head to New York City for a May 13 record release party/performance at the Mercury Lounge.

Go to www. officialfilter. com and http://www. myspace. com/filter1 for the latest updates ...

Check the Filter MySpace for the band's tour dates!!!


Saturday, May 10, 2008 1:34 PM

somebody shut me up! (music and tornado)

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Haha, just kidding. I just realize how much I've been blabbing on here lately. But it's a good thing, it's b/c I'm excited about so many things!
First of all, Happy Birthday Richard Patrick! And I feel like I'm the one getting the present here b/c the new song posted today is my FAVE so far from the new album. "In Dreams" is on my profile and Filter's profile for at least the next 24 hours or so. Then he'll probably put up a new one. But soon I will be able to listen to them all on Tuesday!
In other news...I was informed by Will Hummel of The Ernies yesterday that my little memoir myspace page I made about them has gotten those guys to reconnect with each other and there's even "talk" of making some new music! If that's not awesome, I don't know what is! Don't hold your breath b/c they're just thinking about it, but I've got my fingers crossed b/c I would LOVE to hear new stuff from those guys. And it's amazing to me that making that little page just for fun has brought those guys back together, even if just a little bit. I'm used to being influenced by all these musicians and praising them but here they are thanking me for putting up a little myspace page! Haha, what goes around really does come around I guess.

And today Chester Bennington will be performing his solo stuff for the FIRST TIME in Arizona. My spirit is there with you Chester! I wish more of me was there haha. I'm waiting on that new album too, still no definite word on a release date for that.

Oh and not so good news but fascinating to me, it was confirmed that it was an F2 tornado that hit my area the other night. I actually went driving down the Landsdowne Rd. area to look and most of the news pics are of the building and house damage but I was amazed by the trees. There are a lot of trees on that road and you could just see where the tornado ripped through them b/c there's like a clump of trees in one spot and then you can see a path of trees blown and twisted over where it went through the middle of them. I wish I could have taken some pictures myself but there's not really anywhere to pull off there. And the Rappahannock River is also the highest I've seen it in my lifetime. It's flooded the streets of downtown way back in the day but I personally was mesmerized by nature's display of raw power. That kinda stuff really does make you feel so small ya know? Luckily no one was terribly injured in all of it. Anyway, I'm going to stop yappin and get around here and do some stuff.


Monday, May 12, 2008 8:28 PM


Category: Music

I checked my mailbox when I got home from work and my Filter CD was already waiting for me! It doesn't come out in stores till tomorrow but I'm listening to it RIGHT NOW. Hehe!


Monday, May 12, 2008 8:56 PM

FILTER KICKS A** and I might marry Mike Doughty...

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Category: Music

Ok I am SOOOOOOOOO digging the new Filter music. Richard Patrick's little "song a day" on myspace was like an appetizer for the freakin entree! "The Take" is officially my fave song on the album. I put it on my profile, prepare to rock out if you listen to it haha, don't say I didn't warn you! I am so hyped, this is like feeding an addiction for me and I've been waiting for 6 years for another hit haha. I love you Richard Patrick and the music you create! Your music completes me. Ok I'm sounding psyhco here so I need to stop haha. I have to put a cap on my insanity sometimes so none of you commit me. ;^P
Also, I randomly heard a Mike Doughty song while I was shopping in Kohl's the other day. That was crazy haha. I was looking at stuff and I was like, wait a minute...I know that voice! And I also may have just sent him a marriage proposal in response to his latest blog on here b/c he mentioned his want to get married and not finding the right woman and all. I'd take him! Haha.
Ok, back to more listening pleasure...I must fully absorb the new Filter experience that is "Anthems of the Damned."

Friday, May 30, 2008 1:38 AM

FILTER rocked my world tonight!

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OMG I had so much fun at the Filter concert. The crowd was great, no jerks like there were at the Linkin Park concert I went to last time heh. Everyone was nice and even the moshing wasn't bad. I got right up to the front too! And I got some great pictures! I didn't get to meet Richard Patrick but I did just ever so slightly touch his hand haha. I think it was more like his fingertips but I touched him! I made a new album under my photos so take a look at those. There's a lot so I'm not posting them in my blog heh. And I also got the set list! Hehe, that's going in my concert scrapbook! The only disappointment I have from this show is that they didn't play longer heh. They had many more songs to choose from but ya know, they can't play 4 full CDs in a concert heh. Oh and the guitarist had food poisoning, poor guy. Richard said he was throwing up before the show but he was being a trooper and playing the show anyway. Thank God b/c if it had been canceled I would have been so upset! But it just augh, I'm still entralled from it. I don't think I've fully absorbed the whole experience yet heh.
And the 2 opening bands were cool too. Opiate for the Masses were pretty hardcore but I liked them. And Ours was like a mix between Incubus, U2 and Coldplay heh. I thoroughly enjoyed myself tonight and I freakin LOVE FILTER!


Ok, I'm stopping there. Anything past that has been on facebook and such. Hopefully you found some entertainment in my blog flashback. I think I just broke a record for longest blog ever.